Human miscreation and the neglect of spiritual study have propelled men into a decisionless valley.


Human miscreation and the neglect of spiritual study have propelled men into a decisionless valley.  There they are becalmed in a state of vacillation between two evils without even the thought of deliverance in their hearts.  Millions live in this manner.  Selfishness is rampant; the world wallows in deceit.

It should be borne im mind that albeit men have left the field of divinity and denied their reality, they are still utilizing divine power to perform their darkened work….The children of the light must not fear the children of the dark….The children of the light should rejoice in their own great God Presence and in the freedom which this Presence brings to them.  They must not dissipate the energies of their freedom in overconcern with the antics of the disparaging ones.  Neither should the true follower of God allow himself to be cast aside from the spiritual path by a wayward brother who may appear to be a child of light but whose actions may be questionable….

The flame of freedom is always attained by right action….If you would have your freedom you must put your attention upon the laws that will give it to you.   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:27


I AM a child of the light,/ I love the light,/ I serve the light,/ I live in the light.     I AM protected, illumined, supplied and sustained by the light, and I bless the light.         -fiat by Saint Germain, 1932, via Messenger Guy Ballard


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