misunderstandings where a breakdown in communications

We must consider both the diffusion of consciousness and the concentration thereof.  Idealists and spiritual seekers frequently dissipate their consciousness as it were all over the universe.  Some have the tendency to concentrate their consciousness so completely within the precincts of the self that there is no room in the inn of their being for an inflow of versatile ideas or for a free exchange of concepts to others in their circle of associations….

One of the wisest masters of old, Sri Magra, once said:  “Affinities are the fine ties that are established in the perfect balance of the heart where the natural affections are enhanced by the feeling of delight in givingness as well as in a gracious state of receptivity.”  Let souls be drawn together then according to their highest good….

The unfortunate state of consciousness that is engendered by the human ego in its state of personal commitment to other egos often destroys beautiful friendships before they are born.  We find this to be true in all cases of misunderstandings where a breakdown in communications is the cause of the problem….If you then “can keep your head” you can further the divine plan for others as you guard against the accumulation of undesirable records in your own Book of Life…..The only safe reaction is response to inspiration from on high and from within.    -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:36


You are a child of the light,/ You were created in the image divine,/ You are a child of infinity,/ You dwell in the veils of time,/ You are a son of the Most High!/  To ray your light and to serve/ Is to do the will divine/ By being the living Word….

Understand thy highest Self then as the God of very gods.  As you face this concept the lower self falls upon its knees.  As the Christ, the eternal mediator, bows to the Father, Good becomes All-in-all.  Man enters the sudden stream of overcoming Self-realization.  He fears no merge for he sees that the blackened image of the synthetic self that has sought to cast down his immortal birthright is not real!   -God Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:37 


Here (in the finite realm) the chaff of human experience can be separated from the wheat of spiritual growth.  Here the false starts and the false moves that inscribe the karmic record upon the soul can be adjudicated and balanced; and here the beautiful purpose for which the individual took embodiment can best be served…..

Now those who identify solely with the expressions of the personality do actually die when the life-energy that beats their hearts is withdrawn, for their existence was based entirely on the flesh.  But those who have already cast their anchors beyond the veil, those who have relinquished their ties to the human person simultaneously fulfilling their respoonsibilities and obligations which they have contracted in the world of form–these live on in the consciousness of immortality….

The Eternal God in His sweeping program to give to humanity the fruits of the kingdom of the Spirit has provided in reembodiment a renewal of opportunity to those who fail to make the grade in the first, second, third or subsequent battle for attainment….When men are able willingly to surrender their habitual sense of identification with the changing death-centered mortal personality, at that moment they actually attain immortality.  This act of surrender is a splendid one.  It is a transfer of the consciousness from the forcefield of mortality with its attendant sense of struggle to the domain of the Spirit–right while the consciousness occupies a physical body.

 When this transfer occurs the body need no longer be a liability to the soul but it can provide the necessary adjunct that will assist the soul in bringing about the ascension of the consciousness and the reunion of the vehicles and of the total man with the heart of his divine Presence.  Inasmuch as the Presence is birthless and deathless and holds contact with every other part of life in the most beautiful sense of infinity, at the moment of awakening the whole universe bursts into view within the consciousness…..

You can never truly serve the needs of all whom you love until you hold winthin your grasp the infinite power of God.  -Lanto:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:38


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