we signal that the vast cosmic network of light assistance to the Earth must be reactivated by those who are in physical embodiment

When the forces of darkness acting through ignoble men seek to prevent prayer in the schools of the world, when religion is attacked as though it were a despicable thing, when many of the media of the world distort religious concepts, and a flood of unvital ideas is released to a disheartened humanity we signal that the vast cosmic network of light assistance to the Earth must be reactivated by those who are in physical embodiment.  They must seek to reconnect themselves with the high standards to which some of them once held and from which they have since disconnected themselves….

We stand as helpers to lift men out of the swamps and delusions of life into the blazing noontide of cosmic reality.  Those who say that our words are unnecessary do not understand the power of the spoken Word nor do they understand the power of heaven to heal the ills of Earth….

The greatest assistance that can come to mankind at this hour is the knowledge of the reality of our being.  As this idea is spread abroad, those who do not know of us will be enabled to establish conscious contact with us.       –Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:2


For out of law the law of faith, out of order the order of hope, and out of reality the reality of true charity are born the consciousness of Eden—the garden of God, the garden of consciousness wherein all perfection can and does live.  The Tree of Life in the midst of the garden of God signifies the self-perpetuating seed of the Divine that always produces after her kind; therefore out of the perfection of God there is born the perfection of man, the perfection of manifestation….

Man is the consciousness of the beginning, the unfulfilled—he who is being fulfilled, he who is being taught, he who must learn to express the framework of the divine aegis….

But when the proffered gift comes in minute portions as little jots and tittles of cosmic intelligence, pieces of a vast cosmic jigsaw puzzle, individuals are sometimes unable to fit them together.  Unable to see their relationship to the pattern of personal evolution they carelessly push them off the table of life and thereby lose a priceless facet of God’s effulgent consciousness which they might have made their own.  Little do they realize that at a later date they will have to painstakingly reassemble the fragments in order to observe the unfoldment of the great cosmic purposes of life within themselves.

Each individual life pattern is a vase of priceless beauty.  It is an exquisite rendering of the soul of God as infinite harmony coming to the ears of the heart and saying, “Lo, I AM here, I AM within thee, I AM the lullaby of life, I AM the sweetness of charity, of reality, of eternity.”        -Archeia Charity:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:16


Threadbare Military Defense of non-Russian Europe

During the height of the Cold War, United States troops in Europe numbered around 400,000, a combat-ready force designed to quickly deploy and defend Western Europe — particularly what was then West Germany — against a potential Soviet advance.

Today there are about 67,000 American troops in Europe, including 40,000 in Germany, with the rest scattered mostly in Italy and Britain. The Air Force has some 130 fighter jets, 12 refueling planes and 30 cargo aircraft. At the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, it had 800 aircraft in Europe.

The United States Navy, meanwhile, has dropped to 7,000 sailors and Marines, down from the 40,000 sailors who were stationed at nine major Navy bases during the height of the Cold War. Today, there are no American aircraft carrier groups based in the Mediterranean, although the Navy does have one destroyer deployed at Cádiz, Spain.

In other words, “the limited ground forces in Europe are not designed to suddenly project power against Russia in a number of days,” said Anthony H. Cordesman, a military analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Basically, the most constructive thing you can do is not create such a challenge that Russia would feel compelled to respond.”

Pentagon officials will not make public precise details about the American arsenal of weapons and equipment in Europe for security reasons. But an official with European Command, which is responsible for American military operations in Europe, said Wednesday that the American military presence there was 85 percent smaller than it was in 1989.

In the past quarter-century, the United States has divested itself of hundreds of bases and radio and radar positions originally meant to protect Western Europe from the Soviet Union.  http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/27/world/europe/military-cuts-render-nato-less-formidable-as-deterrent-to-russia.html?_r=0

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