love is and forever shall be the supreme orderer of nature


1) Precious seekers for your own freedom, know that the full power of the three times three is the mighty momentum of the stream of love that issues from God’s heart!…Love is always pure and does not contain within itself any self-polluting, self-mutilating force such as fear of failure, fear of truth, fear of life, fear to be loved….You see, the true love that inspired the universes can be drawn only from God’s heart, the center of all Being….
Man’s penetration of the holy substance of God’s essential love provides him, through the power of the Maha Chohan, with an infusion of that elan that makes the world go round. -Saint Germain: Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life, see
2) Lodges of perfection to us means receptive altars where mankind can see clearly their own individual opportunities and the collective opportunities to transcend both their environment and their hereditary factors. Humanity do not need to remain bound as they currently are….
We are in the realm of the quick and we remain there: the vibration of our realm then is an ascending frequency, a constant raising….For the Presence of God vibrates at this tremendously high frequency, this tremendously high rate of vibration which is incomprehensible to the human mind. But that does not make any difference, blessed ones, for I am sure that you will understand that the frequency of our realm is for you. I am sure that you will understand that all of these things were created to raise your vibratory action so that you yourselves may actually more easily enter into the realm of the ascended state….
Rather there is a radiance which descends into the earth octave and fills the earth octave with hope every time an individual escapes from the realm of this world and from its magnetism, including its banal magnetism magnetizing humanity to old patterns of imperfection that do vibrate according to the level of the rate of the dead….Evil must fall. It cannot preserve itself intact for its very nature is a falling action. -Saint Germain: 10-11-1971 via Messenger Mark Prophet
3) This two-thousand-year cycle then is a period of learning, a period of transition, a period when we must secure our freedom:  freedom in America and freedom for oppressed peoples everywhere.  If we do not pass this initiation as individuals, gaining our freedom from personal tyranny, and if we do not pass this initiation as a community and as a nation, we will not be able to continue in the path of initiation over the next two thousand years. Instead we will find ourselves at the mercy of some sort of superstate or supereconomy where the nations of the world are utterly controlled by the elite through their control of the money and the money system.  We see this happening today both through government and through the multinational corporations.  
-Messenger E C Prophet: Inner Perspectives, chapter 60, see:

4) As our Elder Brothers have made quite clear, love is and forever shall be the supreme orderer of nature….The eternal Mother woos Her children with patience and forbearing love. Gradually through science, the very instrument used to exploit Her, She revealed to him the truth that all life is one, that man being a part of nature must take dominion by making himself subject to Her laws rather than an exception to them. Through the study of ecology people in every walk of life have come to realize their massive failure to meet their responsibilities to Mother Nature and to themselves as creatures of Her heart. -Messengers M & E Prophet: Path of the Higher Self, pp. 433, 435
5) But you must stop and say, “We cannot neglect elemental life, indeed we must serve elemental life and bring them to the place where they can once again believe in themselves and call forth their threefold flame.” -Tabor and Mother Mary: Pearl 41:46

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