the burden of being the center of the circle


345.  And then he must undergo the burden of being the center of the circle. As if alone, as if mute, as if without any help he bears upon himself the burden of all.  And thus in quietude, in the icy solitude he awaits and readily accepts the onslaught of all appeals. Like the foundation of a building he silently submits to being burdened.  He multiplies his hands by ten, he magnifies his heart, his spiritual growth must be such that he can respond to all those turning to him; yet he is not afraid.  He knows that his time draws near. The knocking ones, the menacing and the oppressive ones, they must come, and he must meet them.  And for a time he is surrounded by them, his exit barred.  But the ordeal is not without end.  For nearby is the possibility of the closest path.  Such is the burden of being at the center.  And good it is if friendly hands stretch out to one, If the chorus is imbued with good will.  –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

Even so you today must do battle with unseen forces which are arrayed against you and at every hand attempt to make you think that it is your own mind acting within you. Beloved ones, it is never your true Self that is out of harmony with the universe. For your divine identity is the mighty I AM Presence and in that you must stand and face and conquer every situation that would array itself against you….
Do not underestimate your service to the light then and realize that one with God is a majority for the entire planetary body. -Archeia Mary: 12-31-1967 at Colorado Springs, see

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