Our solution will be in a shifting of place so that new conditions

IMG_8577It seems to me there are 3 choices in life:  win, lose or draw/pass by.  The oneness of life provides all 3, either in a single path or as 3-in-1.
239. To alter the plan in its essential nature is equal to betrayal. Curtailment of the plan in its dimensions is equal to short-sightedness. Our solution will be in a shifting of place so that new conditions will still more enhance the basic significance. We do not approve of the principle “to fight and perish.” It is more courageous not to lose one’s forces and to conquer. But for this is needed full realization of the soundness of direction and the invincibility of tension. -Morya: Community 1926
435. Falsehood and darkness fill the end of Kali Yuga. One must realize this in order not to lose one’s strength. It is impossible to avoid the dark days, and only a knowledge of their cause will give one the patience to survive them. People do not want to simplify the path to Truth; and encumbrances like technocracy only serve to reveal the dark chains of lower matter. Blasphemies in all their virulence also reveal the darkness of negation in contrast to the realization of light. -Morya: Fiery World 1933

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