keep your hands upon the plow; free speech, free press & free assembly allowed in Communist countries?


  Sons of the flame, keep your hands upon the plow as it makes its straight furrows for the reseeding of this age with the seeds of righteousness in God’s name.  -Meta:  Pearl 11:28


  If those who have a smattering of spiritual knowledge and dogma and a touch of devotion wish to abstain from the heart’s love of their own divinity, to deny opportunity to others and to speak disparagingly of universal harmony between peoples, we will indeed go out into the highways and byways and bring in the multitudes; and the last shall be first….

  (Various persons) do not understand how God has made possible the conveyance of hearts–communications between the octaves of heaven and earth through the great macrocosmic network of light rays, harmoniously blending throughout the warp and woof of creation.  Neither do they understand the fact that when one part of the web of creation trembles all other parts are affected….

  Do you think the power of free speech, of free press and of free assembly is allowed in the Communist countries of the world?  I tell you, it is in name only.   -Jesus Christ:  Pearl  11:34

  In the name of Archangel Uriel and Aurora I invoke the solar ring–the immaculate concept of America, the corona of the sun and the angels of the corona of the sun–around myself, the people of light and the earth body.  I invoke the divine pattern, divine matrix, Divine Mother, Divine Manchild, the judgment of all who oppose the fulfillment of the dream of America, the judgment of the false teachers and false gurus, and the piercing of Neptunian delusion and illusion.   -Archangel Uriel and Aurora:  Pearl 33:27


121. I affirm, and you should understand, that what seems impossible today may be feasible tomorrow. The Teacher uses his power to safeguard your achievements in all their beauty. The misfortune of people lies in their lack of understanding of the process of incarnation and the complexity of the circumstances surrounding achievement. For example solitude is the best friend of achievement, but sometimes witnesses are needed, and the karmic conditions then become more complex. -Morya: Agni Yoga 1929

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