cosmic reinforcements who shall champion the cause of the Great White Brotherhood will be [called out] from among them

Imageby Ruth Hawkins

  It is the narrowness of love’s expression, even in the field of religion itself, that therefore does so limit the individual’s chalice of the mind of God.  For given these confining cups of consciousness we are not able to project upon the graph even of the immediate future a major change in world thought….

  There is a mistaken idea, beloved, that the heart is always true, that the heart always knows.  The heart is simply another organ and means of expression, and the heart chakra has also been polluted….Understand, beloved, that you will spend many rounds going round and round the petals of the heart chakra [but you will] not experience self-transcendence if you always choose the low road of present capacity rather than make your decisions based on the high road of anticipated and vowed attainment….

  The wonder of Community, beloved, is that hearts with similar goals and determination may recognize in one another a friendship and a spirit of all ages….

  O beloved heart, think of Vietnam, Cambodia and the records of Mother China even in the last fifty years…..And thus you will find that the cosmic reinforcements who shall champion the cause of the Great White Brotherhood will be [called out] from among them.      -Kuan Yin:  7-1-1988 at RTR, Montana via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

It is not lawful then that you should go forth and begin to engage in relationships
that take from you the sacred fire through any of the chakras while we build, while we mend, while we balance, while we restore. These things are not accomplished all in one night….
Let the eternal flowing mercy which flows from the vessel of Kuan Yin without end, that
eternal flowing violet flame, flush out of all systems of being the cause, effect, record and memory of any condition of consciousness that has caused you to fail to let go of the most sinister forces of anti-love. -Elohim Cyclopea: 10-5-1988 via Messenger ECP

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