Some may ask why I speak of a leader and not of a ruler



183.  What more nearly compares with our Community–a choir of psalm-singers or an armed camp?  Rather the second.  One can imagine how it must conform to the rules of military organization and leadership.  Is it possible to establish the paths of advancement of the Community without repulse and attack?  Is it possible to take a fortress by assault without knowing its situation?  The conditions of defense and attack must be weighed.  Needed is experienced knowledge and keen vigilance.  They are wrong who consider the Community a house of prayer.  They are wrong who call the Community a workshop.  They are wrong who regard the Community as an exclusive laboratory.  The Community is a hundred-eyed guard.  The Community is the hurricane of the messenger.  The Community is the banner of the conqueror.  In the hour when the banner is furled the enemy already undermines the foundation of the towers.  Where then is our laboratory?  Where is your labor and toil?  Verily one patrol left out opens ten gates.  Only vigilance will provide the rampart for the Community.      -Morya:  Community 1926


410.  Again the deniers of Hierarchy will come and term it leadership by coercion.  Again you will tell them, “Hierarchy has nothing in common with coercion.  It is the revealing law which discloses.”  We oppose any coercion.  We do not direct the energy without the consent of the co-worker.  We know the worthlessness of everything superficial and outwardly propelled.  Like a builder we summon co-workers.  But we leave him who is not in need of our boat to cross the ocean even if it be on a bamboo stick.  

415.  In the small and in the great, one must be imbued with the guiding law of Hierarchy.  Thus only will one be able to build the great future.  Upon the blending of the arcs of consciousnesses is life built.  Hierarchy and leadership are affirmed upon the cosmic law.  

437.  Thus in the days of chaos one can say that only by following the Hierarchy can one reach the best step, for the leadership of the Spirit is the all-comprising and all-encompassing might.  Thus it can be asserted when the Cosmic Magnet transmits its might to humanity through the leadership of the Spirit.  Therefore one should adopt progress through Hierarchy as the salvation of the planet.    -Morya:  Hierarchy 1931

48. Some may ask why I speak of a leader and not of a ruler.  The difference between them is enormous.  The conception of ruler presupposes the present and the ruling over something already existing, but the leader manifests the future in the very significance of the word.  He has not received anything already built; he leads and each of his actions impels forward.    -Morya:  Fiery World 1934

I think we should prove Jesus wrong on that statement, and I think he would be very happy to have us prove him wrong and show him that we the children of light can be wiser than the children of mammon, wiser than those who are entirely engaged in materialism, that we can come forth with excellence and victory and achievement because we know we are the handiwork of God, we are not afraid to work and serve, and we know that as we do this God will fill that matrix of our service. -Messenger ECP, see

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