Rulership is not in crowns nor in crowds but is in the cosmic expanse of ideas

84.  Only a tested consciousness understands the value of the seed of reality.  Rulership is not in crowns nor in crowds but is in the cosmic expanse of ideas.  -M:  Community 1926

297.  “We do not like to torture ourselves,” say the earthly authorities.  They are ready to hide from themselves their bankruptcy and their defeat.  Earthly rulers say, “All is calm in our kingdom.”  Their self-satisfied repose and inactivity guarantee them their thrones. Usually they admire the sunset but sleep through the sunrise.  But the Invisible Government says, “It is absurd to hide what exists.” This is because we must carefully learn from past events.    -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

170. Once after a state council a certain ruler took an earthenware vase and smashed it before the eyes of everyone.  When asked the meaning of his action he said, “I am reminding you about irreparability.”  Even when we break the simplest object we understand irreparability–yet how irreparable are thought-actions!  We have become accustomed to surround ourselves with crude concepts and they have thrust out all the higher concepts.  If rulers would remind more often about the irreparability of mental decisions they would forestall a great number of misfortunes.  A ruler who is ignorant of the spiritual principle of self-perfectment cannot lead the multitude of consciousnesses entrusted to him.  A ruler is a living example.  A ruler is one who lays out the paths through all the worlds.             -M: Fiery World 1933

263.  How differently history would be written if real causes and motives and the true leaders, whose existence humanity does not even suspect, were revealed!  Instead of kings and rulers there would emerge individuals who had remained in the background, unknown because of prevailing ignorance or required to go unnoticed because of the law of the Brotherhood.                                       -Morya: Supermundane 2, 1938


  Why, the very sign of the rulership of kingdoms is the sign of the one becoming the Buddha.  Shirk not then the hour of thy responsibility to be the high steward as I was.  And realize that it is given to those to rule who have raised up the threefold flame of Shamballa….

  But precious hearts, you may find as others have found that the Buddha does not wait when impelled by the flower of the heart….

  Look to the four quarters of the earth!  Look to the call of the LORD in the low and high places of men.  Without the threefold flame of Christed one they do not arrive at the mark.  They do not come to their own heart!  They have no standard whereby the course of civilization might continue mounting by the upward spiral of the golden light….

  From Shamballa I cast out a line.  It is firm.  It is strong.  I cast it out that it might be seized by the one who knows that his time is come to be the Buddha in the way!     -Gautama Buddha:  5-20-1981 at Camelot, see

 -Messenger of the Brotherhood



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