82% of Russians interviewed do not consider themselves responsible


According to a poll conducted by the Levada Centre, an independent Russian research organisation, 82% of Russians surveyed blame Ukrainian forces for downing the plane. Of 1,501 respondents surveyed in Russia’s six biggest cities, 46% said they believed a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile was responsible, and 36% said a Ukrainian warplane had shot it down. Only 3% believe the rebels in eastern Ukraine were responsible for shooting down the plane. Sixteen per cent said they didn’t know….The Levada Centre sociologist Denis Volkok said state-controlled TV news was largely responsible for forming public opinion on MH17, noting that 94% of Russians relied on this source for information on events in Crimea and Ukraine. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/30/mh17-vast-majority-russians-believe-ukraine-downed-plane-poll?CMP=twt_gu
A 2007 study Voices from Russia: Society, Democracy, and Europe shows that:

94% feel they have little or no influence over what happens in Russia.
82% feel little or no responsibility for what goes on in their country.
Nearly two-thirds think that the authorities and state officials are above the law.

Similar findings have been presented by WorldPublicOpinion.org. But how long can Putin count on the political apathy of the Russian people? Or as Boris Nemtsov has asked, how long will people honor the “invisible contract” that they have made to “tolerate corruption, mismanagement, crime, and the constraints on the mass media as long as they have buying power and continue to live better than they did in the Yeltsin era? http://worldsavvy.org/community-resources/monitor-resources/the-attitude-of-the-russian-people/

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