God responds at His level with the immediate answer to every need of men but they must learn the art of

Little light-rays from near and far are pulling together the scattered pieces of universality.  God’s will is being done even when men tremble and quaver and react as though the darkness in them were real…Nothing is real, blessed ones, but the light and the truth and the Spirit of God.  His love transcends all things in life.  The sting of death cannot stand before the face of God, for He is Life. And as the untoiling lilies are arrayed in white, in fragrant garments, so will everyone be whose faith is deep enough to move the heart of God, to evoke a response from Him.

He knoweth your needs before you ask.  Yet they do not always seem to manifest.  What is the reason, blessed ones?  There is no reason, for they do manifest.  God responds at His level with the immediate answer to every need of men but they must learn the art of finding it, of accepting it, of receiving in grace the divine yes or the divine no.  And sometimes the no is greater than the yes, for God knoweth what is best for men.  And if they wisely ask, “Do unto me whatsoever is best–not my will but Thine be done” (Luke 22:42) they may meet their Gethsemane, their Golgotha, their via dolorosa, but this will be followed by the resurrection, by the ascension and by unity with truth.  “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.” (Matt. 25:40)  Let us remember his words always.   -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:39


The truism “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink” is applicable to mankind upon this rebel planet.  -Lord Ling:  Pearl 11:40      

Part the Red Sea/Open the way/Freedom must be/Each one’s today  -Lord Ling



Russia fires with Grads and launches drones again

KYIV, August 2 /Ukrinform/. Positions of border guards and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are systematically shelled from the territory of the Russian Federation.  http://www.ukrinform.ua/eng/news/russia_fires_with_grads_and_launches_drones_again_324746

19. At the base there is room for worldly things, but the summit is sharp-pointed and too small for all human possessions. Mundane occurrences are best seen from the summit, hence everyone should remember about the summit but should also not forget about the steep slopes. During the ascent in courage, firmness and creativeness one should remember that the summit itself is small but the horizon vast. The higher one ascends the broader and more powerful is the vision, and the more powerful the vision the stronger the fusion into oneness. Thus let us remember the farewell bidding given for the ascent.
69. Only the concept of oneness of the path will impel people to live in beauty and to depart this life as wayfarers continuing their journey. -Morya: Fiery World 1935

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