This is freedom–freedom to defend cosmic purpose and God-government and a God-economy through the Earth!

1)  But He does not manifest to them (many seekers) in a tangible way simply because their faith has failed to provide the power to shatter the veils of matter and to let them see what marvellous gifts Life has given.  These stand before you now; these are light, truth and life.   -Archeia Faith:  Pearl 12:4

2)  First then let the American people rise and liberate themselves from the media and its mass hypnosis, from the bondage that they have to the material senses.  Let them be free of the psychic nonsense and the witchcraft and the black magic.  This is freedom–freedom to defend cosmic purpose and God-government and a God-economy through the Earth!   -Goddess of Freedom:  Pearl 44:21

3)  It is the work of the seraphim who teach you to enter into these coils of transformation.  Yet they will not allow you to rise any higher than your assessment of your fellow man.   -Justinius:  4-6-1996 via Messenger ECP

4)  As there is the mighty pull and power of the sun-rays and the forces of the elements, beloved ones, know that there is a gigantic pulling action of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  This is that force that does take-over in your life when you yourself surrender to that mighty flow of the river of life that descends from the highest Himalayas and from the fastnesses of the Rocky Mountains and other mountain ranges of the planetary body.  That light that flows as a pure stream of God-consciousness–when taken by yourself, when you ride its momentum, when you enter it, when you fear it not, when you argue not with the voice within, when you cease your rationalization–there comes a moment, as you have been told, when that light which you have served turns about and serves you.   -Jesus Christ:  5-3-1984 at RTR, Montana

5)  And the one, unless he be strong, allows himself to be placed in a position of false responsibility.  And therefore these episodes must always come to naught and the foundations be rebuilt.  All that is built upon the foundation of idolatry and the dependency on a single person or individual one day must come therefore to the ground.  -Lanello:  2-26-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


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