Russia pulls 45,000-strong army, hundreds of combat vehicles, aircraft to border

KYIV, August 5 /Ukrinform/. Russia has pulled the units of its Armed Forces of a total number of about 45,000 people, and a lot of military hardware to the border with Ukraine, National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) information and analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko said at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday.

“The total number of the units of the Russian Armed Forces and the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation, concentrated along the state border of Ukraine, is about 45,000 people, 160 tanks, up to 1,360 armored combat vehicles, up to 350 artillery systems, 130 multiple rocket launchers, 192 combat aircraft, 137 attack helicopters,” Lysenko said.


154.  One can see how people who have lost the bond with Hierarchy lose their place and pass into oblivion. You have just seen how it is possible to slide downward, not from the Sword of the Angel, but by popular decision. Thus it happens when that which is already near, already given, is not accepted. One must not wait until the messenger hurts his hand from knocking, one must summon heart-understanding in time. One cannot sever the threads with Hierarchy with impunity. The clouds come because of our very selves!   -Morya:  Fiery World 1933


6-26-14 Russian Navy launched a new and improved (ultra-quiet-running) Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine today in St. Petersburg. “In the next two years, six submarines of this type will be built for the Black Sea Fleet,” A Black Sea Fleet rep added….Russia has exported 19 Kilo-class submarines over the years since they were introduced to the Soviet Navy in the 1980s, including exports to China, Iran and India, according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit organization that tracks the proliferation behaviors of major world powers.

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