They are programmed against all freedom to become the stooges and the slaves of those who are the masterminds

Two of the principal figures that were presented and presenting information in that film (“No Place to Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism”) have already mysteriously passed from the screen of life–one who declared himself the patriot; one who was lost on the Korean plane. <7> These are never accidents. These are acts of international terrorism. And other of the main and key figures defending the light of freedom in this country, who fear not to expose the threats that are coming upon the people, exist in the same danger today as those who have passed on….

Thus there is the force of anti-freedom that compels those who are the mechanization man into an alignment which is a substitute for freedom. They think they have freewill and free choice. And yet they are daily programmed by what passes through the media, by their attention to the television sets, by the fads, by the music, by the drugs.  They are programmed against all freedom to become the stooges and the slaves of those who are the masterminds who–if they are not connected at outer levels–are absolutely connected at inner levels as the false hierarchy of Antichrist moving from all planes (into which they have entered in the matter universe) against the souls of light.      -Kuan Yin:  10-9-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles
<7>  Rep. Ashbrook (R-OH), died April 1982, who had served over 20 years in the House of Representatives and was in the process of campaigning for a Senatorial seat, was a key member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who worked tirelessly to expose Soviet espionage activities in the U.S….Rep. L. McDonald (D-Ga.), a 48-year-old physician, who was among the 269 killed in the September 1, 1983 Soviet attack on KAL flight 007, was first elected to Congress in 1974 and was widely recognized as one of the most conservative anti-Communists in Washington. He founded and headed a private research firm, Western Goals, devoted to halting the spread of Communism, and was elected earlier this year as chairman of the John Birch Society.  He warned of one-world government.
ECP_July 1973_Pikes_Peakagni-ioga imgresKwan Yin by R. Hawkins-Rep. L McDonald, Kuan Yin by R. Hawkins; Messenger E C Prophet in 1973; N. Roerich’s Kuan Yin/Agni Yoga holding the flame
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