let those who would turn the tide toward darkness be stopped in their way by this flaming sword

31.  The original Covenant has always been spiritual and full of directness. Only later has the spiritual law been subordinated to earthly codes.  -Morya:  Aum 1936

231.  The time will come when clairvoyance, scientifically treated, will help to piece together the fragments of shattered vessels of ancient knowledge. Let the ability to decipher patiently the effaced signs be the distinction of a true scholar.

424. Moreover it is necessary to understand the significance of mutual respect which lies in the foundation of brotherhood. It is necessary to recognize the deep meaning of reciprocity when forces are increased tenfold. Brother will not censure brother, for he knows that condemnation is dissolution. Wisely does a brother help at each turning of the path.

469. Concerning youth, it is necessary to make arrangements for each one who has chosen the brotherly path. It is needful that this inexhaustible source continually strengthen forces through reciprocity.  -M:  Brotherhood 1937

99.  The most powerful currents of thought vibrate from our abode, and it is easier to decipher thought transmitted over a distance when it comes from such a powerful source. But when people experiment with thought transmission they pay little or no attention to their own spiritual condition. Once again we are reminded of the old saying that one must wash one’s hands before starting an experiment!   -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938

4.  The seed of labor withers without the moisture of reciprocity. Let us not look backward too much. We hastening fellow-travelers shall become weary if we jostle each other. We shall realize a beautiful meaning if we can introduce the great concept–friend. Community may consist only of friends.   -M:  Community 1926


Hear then the Word of Yahweh unto the false priests and pastors and those who do not try justice in the marts and courts of the world.  Let the flame of the sword of the angel–the angel with the flaming sword–be thrust now into the very ground of this planetary home!  And the lightbearers do rally for the light.  And let those who would turn the tide toward darkness be stopped in their way by this flaming sword ere civilizations and continents face the conditions of earthquakes and darkness that have been predicted.   -Archangel Gabriel:  2-15-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see http://books.google.com/books?id=dfJYQ11KHmcC&pg=PA300&dq=clare+prophet+reciprocity&hl=en&sa=X&ei=XtfiU5-qIaXNiwKupYDQDg&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20reciprocity&f=false

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