the development of the God-potential

The contribution which can and must be made by the initiates of the Great White Brotherhood [in this Community of the Holy Spirit] to set straight the course of the education of children from conception through age 33 must be the first priority beyond survival itself and equal to the preservation of the Teachings….There is yet the lack of the tutoring of the heart and the education of the heart in the sense of the development of the God-potential….There must be a giving of the heart and there must be a shouldering of the full responsibility of opening such schools….Thus may the souls of the youth not fall into depression and into every byway of temptation and be overcome by the false teachers–the serpents and the fallen ones who have surely positioned themselves or their tools in all of the schools and colleges and universities.  For they are in the majority though they are not universally in control….

Blessed ones, without the development of the heart chakra and the conscious tie to the Brotherhood of Light the best that can be offered both teachers and students is an outline of the Teaching itself and the lessons that you can write that these children ought to have….You see how very important it is therefore for those in embodiment who have a calling on the second ray to dedicate themselves and the victory of their ascension to the restoration of the true Teachings [concerning man’s reason for being on earth] that were in the schools in past golden ages and whereby all lightbearers and evolutions did complete their rounds and ascend to the Great Central Sun.   -Gautama Buddha:  10-4-1989 at RTR, Montana


KYIV, August 16 /Ukrinform/. Fierce fighting is going on in the area of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine for control of strategically important highways – M04 and H21. Ukrainian subdivisions thwarted attempts by militants to regain control of their supply routes.

According to the latest information, a major part of militants plan to leave Donetsk region by August 18,” Lysenko said.

He said that terrorists dress in civilian clothes, take passports and try to cross the roadblocks of Ukrainian government forces on passenger vehicles, disguised as civilians.

“Over the last three days alone, at a roadblock near Debaltseve, Donetsk region, Ukrainian National Guard servicemen have detained 13 men aged 20 to 45, who are suspected of terrorist activities. Those detained include the field commander of a Luhansk-based terrorist group. Now he gives evidence,” Lysenko said.


519. Among the interpretations of the pyramids pay attention to that one which delineates the three worlds. The top represents the fiery world where all is one; the middle part represents the subtle world where the essences are already separated; and the base is the dense world. This division is the most profound, and the gradations between the worlds are symbolically portrayed by the pyramid.   -Morya:  Fiery World 1935

422.  Therefore we bid humanity kindle the fires of striving and achievement simply.  -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

586,  Pure thinking, constancy, benevolence bring the heart energy into action.  -M:  Heart 1932


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