Only a realization of cosmic individuality can illumine the steps of evolution

II, vi, 1.  The striving towards a true cooperation lies at the foundation of evolution. Only by the awakening of creativeness may the march of ignorance be destroyed.

II, x, 6. The human mechanism is complex–a special conscious evolution. From the moment of inception of consciousness there is no common evolution. All is constructed upon an infinite variety of species. General laws are established with difficulty. Even such basic and immutable laws as the law of perfection and the law of compensation cannot be expressed by a single formula…. only an especially enlightened mind can penetrate into the structure of the evolution of man. Many lances were broken upon this question, but one may ask for enlightenment.

III, iii, 15.  Each epoch has its own plague. At present it is the epidemic of speculation. It must not be thought that humanity has always been plagued with this disease. But this disease brings promise of a radical change because it cannot pass gradually and a paroxysm of evolution is needed in order to root out this infection.

III, v, 13.  Only that Teaching which contains all hope, which makes life beautiful, which manifests action, can promote true evolution. Certainly life is not a market where one can make a fine bargain for entrance into the heavenly Kingdom. Certainly life is not a grave where one trembles before the justice of an Unknown Judge!

III, vi, 2.   there can be created a hothouse atmosphere which heals the aura, but hothouse conditions are the same everywhere and they are not suitable for evolution.

III, vi, 3.  Only the blind do not notice whither the spiral of evolution has turned! And we who do exist send help to the young in spirit.

III, vi, 9.  Among the problems of future evolution remember that after solitary work it is necessary to pass to the organization of far more complex units.

III, vi, 13.  Since man must be a co-worker of evolution animals too must conform to this law. Species which do not conform to evolution become extinct; those adaptable to evolution must maintain their capacity for labor.

III, vi, 19.  Growth of spirit does not tolerate compulsion. This explains the slow evolution of humanity. The spirit cannot be forced to grow. One cannot even coerce by unsolicited counsels. One can only respond to the knock of a sensitive heart.  –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

8. Cooperation must be based upon sound rules. This teaches orderliness; that is, it helps the acquirement of a rhythm….Let the better evolution be built upon labor as the measure of value.

23, 29.  Only a realization of cosmic individuality can illumine the steps of evolution. Otherwise in the earthly understanding evolution will remain only profitable investment of capital. You already know that capital deprived of goal-fitness is only a millstone about the neck….Harkening of the spirit will bring the first tidings; not for master degrees but for life which forges evolution.

72, 77. The Community as fellowship can unprecedentedly accelerate the evolution of the planet and give new possibilities of intercourse with the forces of matter. It must not be thought that Community and the conquest of matter are found on different planes. One channel, one banner–Maitreya, Mother, matter!…Strain the consciousness to grasp the starting point of events if you wish to be associated with the evolution of the world.

85.  The Teacher can distinguish those who have liberated their consciousness. Thus said the Blessed One; and He asked in general not to think about ownership of property, for renunciation is a cleansing of thought. For only through purified channels can basic striving make its way.

98, 119.  Definitely the Teacher, definitely knowledge, definitely evolution of the world–these will serve as paths to the far-off worlds!…We do not love cowards who in their terror trample the possibilities of evolution.

121.  Indeed the community must be a most sensitive apparatus for the process of evolution….Every dull barrier is swept away by the sharpened vibration of the collective.

143.  You abolish the usage of compulsion and thus recognize the Teacher. You abolish foul language and thus recognize the value of sound. You abolish vulgar dancing and thus recognize the significance of rhythm. You abolish vulgar shows and thus recognize the power of energy. You abolish tardiness and thus recognize the will…. One may wish either to proceed by the difficult way or to apprehend the usefulness of cooperation, but the direction of evolution remains unchangeable.

144.  each new day is clothed with prana of the new evolution. The air, actually changed by the disintegration of the worlds, becomes new.

147.  He is a hero who acts self-sacrificingly, unwaveringly, consciously, and who–acting in the name of the common good–thus brings nearer the current of cosmic evolution.

163.  163. Creativeness is the basis of evolution. With what then is it possible to strengthen the acts of creative power? Only with cheerfulness….Truly creative patience and cheerfulness are to two wings of the worker.

And so the word “hedonist” has descended all the way from (planet) Hedron as the sign of those who make the goal of life the pleasure of the five senses.  The totally selfish consciousness of those evolving on that planet resulted in their self-annihilation.  -Messengers M and E Prophet, see

equinox was on 9-22-14 at 7:40 p.m. PDT. Sun at one-eighth of circle to Jupiter near Leo midpoint, showing an expansive sunny element.
256. Not the withered leaf of autumn but the flaming heart shall cross all bridges. He who does not think about the inception of the fire of the heart does not know the upward path; he does not want to see it in a radiant light. -M: Heart 1932
291. We so easily forget yesterday and so meagerly imagine tomorrow that many of our judgments are like autumn leaves. It is fitting to feel one’s insignificance before every cosmic law. -M: Fiery World 1933
72. One can receive the best counsels and still one may remain as autumn leaves. Only the realization of the important use of the energy in life can bring effectively the Guidance. -M: Brotherhood 1937

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