so note that I extend the ruby focus and through it now there does come


373.  Strong are the rays of Jupiter; they further the rapid diffusion of the forces of Uranus.    -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937

156.  When we speak of the need for honesty we do not have in mind unworthy people. We point out the direct path of perfect truth devoid of any personal element; this opportunity can be perceived through straight-knowledge.  Experience accumulated in the center of the chalice gives invincible knowledge.                                                               214.  The crystal of materia lucida sharpens the center of the third eye….The crystal relates to the finest energies and also to the energy promised to humanity–if humanity is willing to accept it. The light of materia lucida can be intensified infinitely and will provide illumination which without requiring the consumption of any material can assume any form. This is a challenge that can be met, but the desire of humanity is first needed. Without it access to the currents of finest energies cannot be given.                                                                     248. The ability to penetrate to the real meaning of words lies in the receptivity of the inner center, not in analyzing the structure of speech. Submit the simplest idea to a thousand people for discussion and you might receive only one correct interpretation. One should train oneself to a true understanding of speech. Yoga will aid in approaching the true understanding of thought. The understanding of different languages originates from the receptivity of one center–the larynx.       667. In cosmos the center of striving rests upon the principle of Hierarchy.  Cosmos acts by means of attraction to the manifested powerful center. Thus the cosmic seed is manifested in each action of Hierarchy by the quality of striving which ascends through realization of the predominant principle. Cosmic creativeness brings together harmonious energies.     -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

Thus, beloved, whether in the Court (of King Arthur) or throughout the world, as you shall see, not only hear but see this dictation, so note that I extend the ruby focus and through it now there does come to each one that portion that now may be for you attainment, strength, momentum of that which you have accomplished….Not one erg of service or striving rendered with pure and loving heart is either lost or unnoticed nor does it remain unmultiplied….Thus, beloved, because you do have your reward–and your reward is with you as attainment–shun lethargy and petty indulgences whereby you compromise the full exercise of the mantle you have gained or of that portion of the mantle [you have gained].    -Morya:  8-8-1988 at RTR, Montana, see

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