the pride of the fallen angel and the serpent consciousness, the glamour and the allure

IMG_9535 461.  A drowning man must assist his rescuer.  It is inadmissible for a man to become a heavy sack.  It is possible by experiment to convince oneself of how much thought itself aids a co-worker.  -M:  Aum 1936

We come then to the god of the underworld who is known to all servants of truth as the god of opposition.  The world seems to contain within itself the very seeds of opposition to the achievement of any good thing.  All who rise Godward are opposed, and we sometimes ask ourselves if the god of opposition itself is not the goad that engenders the strength by which man achieves his goal….                                     Man must dethrone the towering gods of the underworld not by human reason but by holy reason and by a purified intelligence that is one with the mind of God.     -Kuthumi, see

  Now meditate upon the angel and the open scroll that you might see and know and understand the point of departure (from the mystery school).  As you meditate upon what is written with the inner mind I refresh the memory of the outer mind.  It is a point, beloved, of accepting almost instantaneously as by mirror-image the pride of the fallen angel and the serpent consciousness, the glamour and the allure of the reasoning, the beauty of form of the fallen one and all enticements to be “wise as I am.”
  So does the fallen one say–in a moment, a split second of a certain sympathy, a certain empathy with these who come with their logic that is faulty, with all manner of magnetism and allure showing thee then all of the kingdoms of the lesser world which can be thine only if thou wilt depart the mystery school.  There is the maligning of the person of the Guru, there is the belittling of others in the mystery school as simplistic, as “having not the true wisdom or the true ability to understand, they being duped,” so says the fallen one, “by the Guru.”  There are subtleties of grays and browns and dark purple hues, tones of olive and black, a subtle twisting of the color bands, their frequencies, their true sound and pitch coming from the music of the spheres.   “It is the thing to do:  all are leaving the mystery schools to go into that place of science, of invention, of endless pleasure, of fulfillment without the domination of the sons of God and the hierarchs of light who are too hard, too hard.  We possess the eternal wisdom. We are the possessors of the Mother and Her flame.  There are other hierarchs who have entered our camp.  You will not in reality be departing from the teachers who count who can give you everything that the Guru will give but give it to you along with your own dominion, your own taking of the domains of Earth.”
 In a state of great attainment, beloved, where light and only light does manifest it does not take a great deal of attention upon false teaching, false logic and that personified in the clever ones for the light in the aura, the light of the eye, to be turned and misqualified.  For this reason the Teaching has gone forth in this century to keep your attention upon your Mighty I AM Presence, for that upon which you place your attention you shall become!
  It is so, beloved.  The first sin is to take one’s attention from one’s God, to let go the strength of that bond and to desire another even for a moment and another moment and another moment until the moments become the minutes and time begins and space begins….
  Far more than you realize are the undead, the living dead. Far more than you realize, beloved, are in a state of peril and imperil–imperil being defined as the violent misqualification of the light of the chakras which does place their souls in peril.
-Archeia Mary:  8-25-1991 at RTR, Montana
Clarity is my portion and my sense of justice for every true teacher of the Word.   -Portia:  11-29-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see
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