merging of twinflames by auriel bessemer, ~1971; Soviet birthchart shown incorrectly!



I AM the Great Divine Director.  I will not quit planet Earth but continue to give you, and all, the divine direction that God has given to me for your salvation.  -Divine Director:  6-26-1994 at RTR, Montana


Messenger E C Prophet unfortunately erected the Soviet Union birthchart incorrectly. Using Morya’s 3 p.m. Petersburg, Russia time/place, the chart presented in her two books covering the subject however the misconception that this is Eastern European Time (EET) which it is not.  EET is the timezone of Helsinki which is -2 hours from Greenwich; Petersburg is -3 hours from Greenwich.  Thus Messenger ECP presented the ascendant as 6 degrees Aries–incorrect!   El Morya called the Bolshevik Revolution “the most infamous act in the history of the world.”   See shows Helsinki 3 p.m. 11-7-1917 with ascendant at 6 degrees Aries and Sun at 14 degrees Scorpio 34′; it shows Petersburg 3 p.m. 11-7-1917 with ascendant at 5 degrees Aquarius and Sun at 14 degrees Scorpio 30′. also gives same data as horoscopeswithin.  In slight contrast, astrodienst and give Petersburg 3 p.m. 11-7-1917 with 10 degrees Aquarius ascendant and Sun at 14 degrees 30′ Scorpio. gives for Helsinki 3 p.m. 11-7-1917 a 5.5 degrees Aries ascendant.  The Russian timezone shown by computer-erected charts in this case is for daylight savings time.


The convergence of heaven and earth in this hour (2:46 a.m. 11-27-1989 at RTR, Montana) is truly the capstone that I now place on the pyramid of the United States of America at the etheric octave.   -Elohim Cyclopea, see

One should note in the 11-27-1989 birthchart that Mars at 15 degrees 40′ Scorpio and Pluto at 15 degrees 54′ Pluto do square the north lunar node at 19 degrees 40′ Aquarius; this recalls the natal Soviet Sun at 14 degrees 30′ Scorpio squaring Uranus at 19 degrees 49′ Aquarius.

-R, Mt. Shasta, California

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