You cannot thwart the Law.

You cannot thwart the Law.  You cannot violate it.  Mercy is an immense gift.  It is not something that is on a shelf.  It is not the next papertowel in the roll that you tear off and use again to mop up after yourself.  It is a precious dispensation from God.  It is given to His sons and daughters.  Did you know that the fallen ones and the godless are not given the violet flame?  Do you know that those individuals who have come to this activity and said “Decrees do not work” are right?  They do not work for them because they are the godless!  And they have denied the living God!  They have condemned their brothers and sisters.  And the law [of transmutation] ceases to function in their lives because it is a grace and a gift that you must appeciate and [for which you must] show forth your gratitude to all life  by giving of it more liberally and by serving…. Elementals honor those who honor the Law….See to it then that you do not leave yourself vulnerable to your own past karma by allowing yourself to engage in tirades of anger or hatred or emotionalism and [by failing] to seal yourself in the violet flame and the tube of light.     -Omri-Tas:  7-7-1984 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP


Through the skeins of the fabric of the Sun, through airiness, lightness, joy, music and that positivity of mind that believes in the thrust for a purpose man will pass through every test and trial victoriously and forgo even a taste of those pleasures which mankind deem so magnificent…. In you shall I be raised.  Break ye the bread of Life.  Purusha.   -Maitreya:  6-11-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet, see


KHARKIV, Ukraine, Sept. 29 (UPI) — A 65 foot statue of Vladimir Lenin, a founder of the Soviet Union, was torn down during a rally in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


The classless society as the absolute goal of history is said to be leading civilization to an inevitable structure where all personal, educational, social and environmental differences are leveled to a predetermined state of so-called equality.  Such a state would bring to a halt the operation of the law of karma.  Thus for all intents and purposes it would preclude the possibility of individuals and nations making spiritual progress    -Saint Germain, see


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