The basis of trust is the bottomline of chelaship; world news

I should tell you that every form of black magic and witchcraft is used as a manipulation of the crown chakra and the base chakra.  And the raising of the Kundalini by the false masters and the misuse of the three chakras–the throat, the third eye and the crown–serves to enslave many upon the planet….it is so intense when you carry the Kundalini fire in the body because you are carrying the Presence of God within you that your forcefield then is diametrically opposed to every other vibration and condition on planet Earth which is basically functioning in the astral plane.  And those who derive their energy and their life from the very blood and light of the people of the Earth, who keep them enslaved to their habit patterns, do not want one single individual such as yourself to rise above that dimension and that plane….

So if the fullness of divine grace is not upon you as you think it should be then it is up to you to discover through the path and the Teachings which part of yourself is out of alignment. The basis of trust is the bottomline of chelaship:  when trust is broken the cord and the tie is snapped because the Master has only so much time, cycles and energy by which he can give to you a dispensation of his sponsorship….

So the introduction of light and the initiation of light and the stepping-up of individuals to carry more light could be said to be the actual purpose for this organization, our Messengership and your chelaship, because this is what is necessary for your ascension and for the planet itself to enter the golden age…. What we have to be careful about is to recognize that there is a responsibility conferred upon each one of us when we have more light.  It does not make us better than anyone else; it means that we have to be guarded and cherish the fact that we have received initiations and that the light we carry is not ours to either squander in the misuse of the chakras or to freely give away to the uninitiated.  We are not initiators of others of the light we carry:  Maitreya initiates those whom he initiates….This is the ancient tradition of offering the fruit to the Guru.  The fruit is the symbol of how you have multiplied your light, it is the fruit from your Tree of Life….This is our lawful requirement, this is our lawful statement of gratitude.  This is the means whereby we become the magnet for the next initiation.   -Messenger E C Prophet:  10-28-1984, see

10-2-14   Three hundred and fifty-four members – four-fifths – of the US House of Representatives signed the letter sent to Kerry on Wednesday night, expressing concerns that an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program might not require sufficiently strict inspections of its nuclear facilities.


Brazil presidential election this Sunday, Oct. 5



Hong Kong protests–many photos:


10-3-14  According to sources inside the Party, Zeng has worked through Leung to hatch a series of schemes meant to continually disrupt and antagonize Hong Kong society.

Immediately after he took power, Leung sought to force the mainland’s school curriculum into Hong Kong schools, inspiring massive protests.

In June 2012 a mysterious group appeared in Hong Kong whose only purpose was the harassment of practitioners of the spiritual discipline of Falun Gong. Hong Kong’s police turned a blind eye to the group’s often illegal activities, and Party insiders revealed to Epoch Times that Leung was one of those behind the group’s activities.

Another mysterious group appeared that was devoted to harassing democracy activists. And yet another group appeared claiming to want to secede from the mainland. That group shares some members with the anti-Falun Gong group.

On Leung’s watch there have been a series of unprovoked, violent attacks on journalists and publishers in Hong Kong’s traditionally boisterous press.

High taxes that have driven rich developers out of Hong Kong and development plans that have angered the middle class have deepened the sense of misrule. Immigration from Hong Kong has recently soared.

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