But consciousness grows and the spirit becomes worthy of special tasks

Beloved ones, to bear this light you must keep it in your chakras.  You must not squander it, you must not misuse it.  And always the force comes along to taunt you in very very unimportant ways, so unimportant that you are [caught] off-guard, misqualifying energy in irritation, argument, idle chatter, gossip and in entertaining all manner of delusions that come through the entertainment industry.

Beloved ones, let your mind be stayed upon God!  The prophets did not live in the desert merely to escape the seed of the Wicked [One], though this may have been their concern on numerous occasions. They went out to the desert to come away from the mass consciousness. They went out to pray, to fast, to be empowered by God, to be purged of the discarnates and psychic substance [of the populated areas] and to go back to the people with a fire that was able to defend them against the seed of the Wicked [One], against the fallen ones who had positioned themselves in seats of authority.  They did not fear because the power of God moved within them.

The power of God is in your Messenger and it shall not be turned back! And it is in the seed of the Messenger as that seed is the living chela who is becoming the living Christ who has set himself to the path of the exoneration, the exaltation, the upliftment of life and the pursuit of the path of love taught by all of the ascended masters.    -Helios:  7-4-1991 at RTR, Montana


273.  It can be noticed in the astral world that those with a half-developed consciousness do not strive upward.  An ordinary level of consciousness is sufficient to spare them from suffering but not enough to inspire acceptance of their duty for self-sacrificing work. The same can be observed in the growth of the spirit.  The first calls are pleasant and benevolent, and like a child the cared-for beginner has no responsibilities.  But consciousness grows and the spirit becomes worthy of special tasks.  These tasks contradict the outworn ways of mundane thinking and therefore involve new difficulties and dangers.   -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

53.  All the arts should be taught in schools. They should not be instilled forcibly, for every beginner can feel beauty in the manifestation of art.  In addition it would be wrong if only a small group of artists were to create and the fruits of their talents be mass-produced.  Such mechanization would not help people.  Everyone must try to serve creativeness.   -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938

145.  On pure soil do you begin my manifestations.  I shall point out the time for every pure beginning.  Need will not afflict you.  Outer laws will not violate your inner order.  Deem it a blessing to bring light amidst the dark and inimical hosts.  We have determined to reveal the ways of enlightening cruel hearts–to soften them with the balm of beauty.  But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and stronger than the words of bliss.  Only with great travail can the hand of truth bend the prison bars.  –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

52.  Verily in cooperation with Hierarchy the spiritual store will not be exhausted.  The heart that cherishes the image of the Lord will not become silent.  Thus one need not fear consuming the spiritual store–it is inexhaustible.  One can pour out these treasures–only hold tightly to the silver thread.   -M:  Heart 1932


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