when you receive a Pearl of Wisdom in the mail it is not an ordinary message

I say to each and everyone of you, let not the eclipse of the sun or the moon in any way mar the blessings of the sun of your soul and the sun of your I AM Presence!…

The Law will take what it can and you will do the rest–for this too is the requirement of your Christ Self else you will not gain the victory over this beast (of criticism)….

And I tell you when this Messenger began on the path in this life she received such a grace from El Morya in the removing of certain records.  And thus it was a propelling toward the mission.  You are as it were beginners on the path also.  And I speak in the vein of initiation and transmission of light [from Guru to chela].  And thus we come to you to remove those records over which you have not exerted the greatest mastery but toward which you yourself have expressed an awareness and aversion, seeking to know how to overcome [them].

If you will call to me in your heart now I will intensify that ray until you can receive all that you can take and all that the Great Law will allow to remove this sense of confusion and actual confusion that also causes you to be accident-prone [and] not to be able to finish your tasks on schedule or to precipitate from the spiritual realm to the physical octave [the need of the hour].  All of this is caused by anxiety, fear, doubt and self-pity.  Beloved ones, recognize then what a block we are speaking of and what islands of substance we refer to….And it (heat and fire) is reaching you who request it, who desire it, who have expressed this longing in your prayers, and to all on earth who merit the same dispensation.   -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana, see http://books.google.com/books?id=zk3bGD4h7UEC&pg=PA118&dq=clare+prophet+accident-prone&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PY05VLXLDIuhoQSwwIKwBw&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20accident-prone&f=false


Understand then that when you receive a Pearl of Wisdom in the mail it is not an ordinary message, it is a message of Hierarchy concerned with your survival on Terra.  It is an urgent message, it should be torn open and read on the doorstep before the mailman has even left your gate.  I tell you, if you could understand how the angelic hosts follow the mailman to see that you get that Pearl of Wisdom, to see then that it arrives and then to see how that Pearl of Wisdom lies there waiting to be read…..

Now children of the light, be wise, it is time to wake up, it is time to make use of what you have been given, it is time to realize that you are being bombarded, that this is Armageddon, that your four lower bodies are subject to very harmful conditions, that you can seal and heal your four lower bodies by a saturation of the violet flame and by the calls to Archangel Michael for the absolute God-protection and perfection of the four lower bodies, the soul, the chakras and the Christ-flame within the heart and especially the protection of the crown and the third eye and the raising of the feminine ray.  You need to invoke light to protect the Mother-flame within you and to protect the survival of the Mother on earth.    -Nada:  12-10-1975 via Messenger ECP


Since then (Confucius’ embodiment) the I Ching has been seriously misinterpreted and even today is used primarily as a fortune-telling text. But that was not its original purpose. Its original purpose was to convey an understanding of etheric patterns for God-government as well as for individual spiritual development. King Wen had composed the core text of the I Ching, which is also known as the Book of Change, when he was imprisoned for being a threat to the corrupt dynasty he and his sons eventually overthrew. The Duke of Chou later elaborated and filled out the text.

King Wen, being in prison, had to be careful of what he wrote as he compiled the I Ching. On the surface it appeared to be a compilation of oracular folklore but embedded in it was a manual for strategy and statecraft. When you take it on a deeper level it is also a spiritual manual for developing one’s intuition and becoming attuned to the inner order, or etheric patterns, of life.

The hexagrams in the I Ching are depictions of etheric patterns found in nature. Schools of martial arts that focus on internal power, such as T’ai Chi Ch’üan, express the principles of the I Ching in their forms. And their movements can instill and reinforce etheric patterns in the soul and in the mental, emotional and physical bodies.           -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-4-1998 at San Diego, see http://tsl.thruhere.net/spirit/980705.htm

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