the Gospel taken by Her seed and given as the seed of Christ to all who can

First the hundred and forty and four thousand, and then the great multitude, must receive the fohat of the Word by the direct transfer of the flame from the I to the Eye; and this too is the communication of the Word in the Gospel Foursquare….

For though the initiations of the four gates of the City (Foursquare) are distinct and follow the cycles of time and space and are experienced in sequential order on the timeline of each individual’s evolution, yet these four initiations and their breakdown under the three solar hierarchies governing the initiations of each of the four quadrants in Spirit and matter are geometric and spherical in nature and hence simultaneous in appearance.  As Paul said, “I die daily,” may you say, my beloved, “I ascend daily.”

Thus it is possible for an individual to be drinking of the four cups of the Christ consciousness–epitomized in the way of the Man, the Lion, the Calf and the Flying Eagle– as day by day he masters his soul’s testings in the frequencies of fire, air, water and earth which govern:  (1) his inner nature (fire body), (2) his outer nature (air and water bodies) and (3) his integration of the inner and outer natures (in mastering the earth body).

As the Guru prepares to take his position on the south gate of the New Jerusalem in Spirit and the City Foursquare in matter he gives to his saints who will embody his flame within his church the great commission–to be himself in the fullness of the seven rays and in the eighth ray.   -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXI, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom

This power to preach the Word of God ought to be sought and not shunned simply because some have misused it in organized religion to bind souls to themselves instead of to God.     -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXIII, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom

This is the Gospel that is the squaring of the circle.  It is the Gospel of the Woman unto Her seed.  And it is the Gospel taken by Her seed and given as the seed of Christ to all who can accept its challenge to “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come:  and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.”  Ye who are of the great multitude who have believed in the Spirit of prophecy, in the message of the Saviour that is salvation unto the righteous by grace, ye who have believed in the vision of apolcalypse, now believe in the angel of the Everlasting Gospel and those whom he anoints to preach it unto you in My Name–I AM the Ancient of Days.         -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXVII, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom


Anyone can see at swiss ephemeris the october 12, 1492 Friday dawn Bahamas time astrologic data.  the calendar in use was Julian; the calendar change for Britain and her possessions came in 1752 A.D. to the calendar called Gregorian–this made a change of 9.5 days.  by consulting swiss ephemeris for 10-21-2014 Tuesday 7 p.m. Bahamas time:   Sun position is 28.5 degrees Libra. That’s the Sun position one must use to be astrologically correct.   in both calendars the Sun position is 28.5 degrees Libra–this correlation is absolutely required.

So one can see on 10-12-1492 Julian calendar that the Sun was sextile Mars in late Leo, sextile Neptune in late Sag., square Uranus in late Capricorn.   -r, mt. shasta

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