There is nothing left when the virtues of God are not extolled. -Athena

1)  I tell you then that this vigil of keeping the flame of Church Universal and Triumphant was never more urgent than it is in this hour.  Everyone who has received the blessings of these dispensation and who continue to read the handwriting on the wall of a prophecy that is unchanged must understand that for the saving of a planet the Church must survive, the outer Community must survive and you one by one by one as the individualization of the God-flame must survive.  And that survival is a spiritual continuity of being whose fires you must bank daily, never taking for granted that the fire of Darjeeling will reach you in time [to save you] when you yourselves might be as unprepared as the other Arab states or even the United States for this particular maneuver of Iraq.    -El Morya:  8-8-1990 at RTR, Montana

2)  Understand what I am saying.  The motive of the path can only be one:  it is this–love of God, love of God, love of God in every manifestation, in every being, in every life, in every plane of consciousness.  That is all that is required.    -Gautama Buddha:  7-4-1978 via Messenger ECP

3)  I am Pallas Athena.  And I have seen that the sword of truth, the sword of truth, beloved, is the means whereby civilization does continue.  When you visit countries where there is no truth in speech, in commerce, in the marketplace, where everything that is spoken is spoken for convenience, is a lie, you have understood that it is no longer the cosmic honor flame that governs these societies.  And therefore their civilizations, their nations cannot stand the test of truth….There is nothing left when the virtues of God are not extolled….                                                                                                                                          As we seven members and Vairochana come together we now direct the seven rays and the eight ray into your chakras that the chakras might have balance, be spinning correctly and that you might open your eyes and have the strength to open your eyes to the challenges at hand.    -Pallas Athena of 8-member Great Karmic Board:  mid-1990s via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood E C Prophet

4)  O devotion to the cause that continues without being held back by any lack–this virtue of the soul centered in the rose of the sacred labor is the one I extol.     -Mighty Victory:  7-3-1979 via Messenger ECP

5)   …some, including the embodied fallen angels, have chosen to pursue a course of death and war, manipulation by temporal power and moneyed instruments, beloved.  And their interest have not been with and for and by the people who share the common light of the one loaf of the Lord’s table.  Nay, I tell you, their agenda has been the rivalry of various orders of fallen angels who have sought to take from these little ones the light of their emerging Christhood.  I AM in the Law of the One and in the heart of the LORD Our Righteousness within you.  Remember that I have told you, remember that I have shown you a vision (:  violet flame covering the land or else dire war over the land).   -Archangel Zadkiel:  11-25-1987 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger ECP

6)  And the level of your reality is even closer in this geographical location than anywhere else in the earth for the circle of light, for the protection, for the dome and the wall of light and for the Retreat of the [Divine] Mother and the Western Shamballa.  Here is the meshing; here is the experiment; here is where we would enfold, unwrap the etheric plane in the physical.    -Jesus Christ:  9-1-1993 at RTR, Montana


discovered in 1994 in Rome by journalist Enza Massa at Italian National Library
LOST BOOK IMAGES of Nostradamus
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
St. Francis of Sales grants rules to St. Joan of Chantal and Urban VIII Barberini
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A king portrayed as a monster riding waves of flames
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A king and monk portrayed as victims during the French Revolution
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Naked King, Without Soldiers
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
hands on the City
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
The Wheel of Destiny
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
The Pope with Lions and Lilies
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
The Pope Riding a Dragon and Battling a Bear
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Soldier Bows to the Pope
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Queen, a Female Pontiff and Sainted Nun
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
An Eel with a Man’s Face
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Fortress in Flames
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Dragon and the Sun
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Pope with a Cross on Fire
The Lost Book of Nostradamus
A Pope with Kings and Cardinals
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