Give us now our perfect place/ Where we can serve the light in grace/

Give us now our perfect place/ Where we can serve the light in grace/ Flood us with supply and all we need/ To fulfill God’s plan with lightning speed

For no grand dream was ever built upon a selfish scheme.  Better to give what you have than to save and not give, for the rats will come and eat what you have stored away and it will not be fresh in another day.  Thank God the flow of life yet flows that you may give today.    -Morya:  4-9-1982 via Messenger ECP

Blessed ones, it is so wise to hold what thou hast received!  Hold the position!  When there is a cleansing, when there is a strengthening, when there is a grasping of a cosmic principle hold fast to it….Your human mind is not capable of remembering or even containing the wondrous glimpses of the mind of God that you receive.  Therefore you must write them down with joy and read them in the hours when you are once again in the throes of the purging as deeper levels of the astral body must come to the surface….

Thus [there is the need for] the two-edged sword, the mighty sword of discrimination, beloved, whereby there is mercy, whereby there is justice and whereby love does impel those who have gone out of the way to come back to that center!…Do not lose the joy of the mystery school.     -Maha Chohan:  6-7-1992 at RTR, Montana


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