the Warning given: Let America be on guard!

Therefore thou art, O children of the light, drawn unto the Altar of Invocation, drawn to be the firstfruits who will put off the net of the seed of the wicked, even the net that has ensnared thee out of the way of the pure fount of living light….

Therefore side by side with the rejoicing of the homecoming of those who have been in prison is the Warning given:  Let America be on guard!  Let the children of the light be as the watchman of the night with Saint Germain–even the holy one, the prophet of Israel, Samuel….realize that the violet flame wave of light and the acceleration of your own oneness with God are prerequisites for your survival as the wave of light from the Great Central Sun does intensify….

Let the rallying cry of the sons of God be forevermore:  Praise the LORD, I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara!  Praise the LORD, I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara!      -Archangel Uriel:  2-1-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see at page 173 of:


Every son of heaven who will accept my hand this night will be able to receive some degree of the ancient memory of themselves when they departed from the higher octaves of light and descended and took embodiment here in mortal form.  I am doing this in order to stimulate within you the great lodestone of spirituality that will cause you to change your mind about many things and most especially about the need and possibility of perfection….We are determined that a generation that is here upon this planet, namely the sons of God, shall receive the regenerative power to transform your souls as never before.   -Elohim Cyclopea:  7-1-1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet


Do not be idle but remember the Angels of the Dawn come to assist you to unburden yourself of your daily karma.  Meditate upon them, walk with them, sing with them, give your calls to the violet flame.  Give yourself a boost by delivering yourself, yes, divesting yourself of the burdens of the day before they come upon you.

So in the sweetness and the gentleness of all buddhas out of all octaves I seal you in the flame of compassion and charity, remembering the words of the precious Nada–“I will give you my love, for all else I have already given away.”  Let this be your motto, beloved.   -Ratnasambhava:  1-1-1994 at RTR, Montana

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