it is by certain fiats that your Messenger has made

Thus, beloved, he who maintains the most concentrated attention on the I AM Presence and the one-pointedness of a goal, being swift as an arrow, he then is one whom we declare safe for the acceleration of the cleansing of the astral body which must come about fast or slow as you decree it.  Therefore concentration and the strength of mind and will and heart on the assignments we give you builds [of] itself a shaft of light that is protective and thus we are able literally to drain the astral body of toxins and diseases and darkness and shadows and entities of past lives….

Beloved ones, it is by certain fiats that your Messenger has made concerning her life and the life of the Community and its future that we have been able to open doors of knowledge and understanding to her.  Without these fiats, these probings, these challenges of limitation and ignorance and darkness and the inner realization of the need to claim more of the cosmic Unity, this information and expansion would not have come forth….Thus, beloved ones, ye have been bought with a price.    -Serapis:  12-29-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see

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