O Shasta, crown chakra of Lemuria

O Shasta, crown chakra of Lemuria, of Lemurians focusing the light of God-consciousness, now release thy flame of golden light!  Now release that energy! Now let mankind know that the one true God is able to raise up a mighty people, a mighty continent, a mighty following unto the glory of the I AM THAT I AM . And this precipitation of the golden elixir shall be a monument to the Great Divine Director.  And it shall be for the seventh root race, for incoming souls a focalpoint of mastery and of light and homecoming and of welcome of the Mother-flame.  -Ra Mu:  early July 1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger ECP



[When you] get inside of the heart and inside of the heart of the Mother everything that you do, even that which seems mundane, in actuality is the rest in motion of the cosmic Shakti and the Word. View life from another angle and see how the prisonhouse of desire is really not something that is a part of you or of anything that you would desire to have endure.  Realize that the ascended master consciousness and our presence in your midst may be only degrees apart from some aspects of your life.  It is our attitude toward life, our bountiful attitude, our attitude of Be-ness–that Be-attitude–that has resulted in our state of perpetual bliss in the Mighty I AM Presence.  Do not think of the ascended state as so far removed or of the ascension process [as] something far down the road.  Dwelling in the bliss of the Presence ought to be a daily affair of the heart, the heart pulsating, expanding whitefire Mother-flame and the peace of the Buddha.   -Ra Mu:  11-28-1981 via Messenger ECP


This divine Love is the original divine Plan of God that in its whitened purity is the brilliance of the never-failing sun from the heart of the universe.  God proposed and created beauty and perfection in an unlimited manner….

Nature is trembling as she steadies herself to release the power of divine Love into the world of form.  And as Ra Mu long ago in ages past said, “Behold, it shall come to pass that great destruction shall be upon Earth,” so do the Lords of Karma today warn this age that the time is coming when the accrued karma must itself be dispersed and nature must shrug.  And when it occurs great destruction will come unless the Law can be comprehended and the New Age be commenced.

For the children of the new age, the children of the dawn, these are the Christ-hope of the ages, those in whom the Christ finds homage and home.  And they are the ones to whom is entrusted the foci of light to plant the torch of beauty upon the planet and carry it with them about wheresoever they go.  And as the wind they go, they go here and they go there, and Behold, by their prayers and efforts the world is blessed, even the flowers take on new light, the skies become bluer, the radiance of the grass greener, the sun more mellow and the hearts of all become chastened by the infinite love of God, chastening and spurring men to understand more of the sublime reality that they are, that man is.  For all shall know Me from the least unto the greatest, saith the Lord God, all shall know Me from the least unto the greatest.                -Cuzco  5-5-1968 via Messenger Mark Prophet


  -Mother led a small group up Pike’s Peak in summer 1973 to anchor the flame of Mu for America.  The Messengers had traveled to Hawaii in summer 1972 and had magnetized the flame of Mu.

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