love comes in all disguises of all the rays

Yes, beloved, true self-discipline is never rigidity but it is love fulfilling itself by the intuitive powers of the soul, by the discrimination of the heart, by true discernment of the mind.  These are inner qualities of the five secret rays that sensitize even the soul to the understanding that though the rules be followed yet without love the disciple cannot succeed….

Undisciplined love is no love at all…Pure and simple, absolute love is God in complete manifestation.  Relative love is but a turning around of that love to suit the human convenience of being able to talk about love. A love that is not from the sacred altars of God but is still the human comprehension of love–of getting, forgiving, seeking recompense, seeking possession or control or favor–these perversions of love are rated as love by many, even as sympathy is sought and expressed as though it were God’s love.

The charity and compassion of God sees beyond the centuries, lays foundations, prepares for future generations embodying, knows the whole circle of God’s love and where a race must be in a thousand years, and will work to see that when they arrive at the place the place will be prepared.

Love is vision; love is foresight.  Love is taking care of details that none other will and therefore the mission should otherwise be lost.  Love is understanding the complexity of the team of lightbearers of an entire cosmos….

Yes, beloved, love comes in all disguises of all the rays yet love is perfected in the whitefire of of discipleship under the true self-discipline of the joyous ones….Yes, beloved, many on inner planes cry out to you to call to the angels to cut them free that they might make the [same] connection to the flame of living love that you have made….

O the light rays that pierce the dawn of Earth while coming from the Central Sun!  Your eyes can scarcely open to behold such light and yet you know it at inner levels; you know its secret.  You have journeyed far yet the call of the homing has been from the heart of Earth….Love shall be unto you, if you claim her this night, the victory of your soul in this life.

There are others who have a dire need for truth, for they dwell not in the truth but in the lie.  There are others who have a need for honor, for they have been dishonorable toward life.  But the need of all here, and the desiring, is to be in that flame of love and to give it….the pain is what true divine love flushes out…..

The more love you carry, beloved, the more it shall cause the hatred to come out in others.  You say “How can this be true?”  True love is a purging fire.  If you decide to carry it to such an intensity you shall become the Refiner’s Fire….Truly the astral plane is a place where people are brainwashed, as they say.  Their minds are controlled to believe that that which is offered to them by fallen angels is in their best interest….

If you call to me I will give you a recounting of many many incidents in my life in which I devised the means of self-discipline whereby I did conserve the sacred fire of love and therefore had the power, mighty indeed, to convey it to others who had nothing at all in the cups of their chakras….

Give to those who are able to take of the cup of living love and not dash it.  Retain and hold the balance for others who would only lose it–to their loss and yours.  Therefore be wise and let the all-seeing Eye of God at the point of the brow become for you a point of single-minded true discernment and discrimination in order that compassion may flow where compassion does compel.    -Clara Louise:  10-12-1991 at New Orleans via Messenger ECP, see

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1936 Star of the Hero - Nicholas Roerich  Star of the Hero by N. Roerich, 1936IMG_9012

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