-a race of mankind hewn out of the rock of light and yet enslaved by the lesser creation

Understand that the Lord of the Spirits (Enoch 39:7) is the fulcrum of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, even the Person of your own Sanat Kumara.  Thus all Christed ones in the lineage of the holy descent of God represent the Word incarnate, even the Elect One…positioned in that perfect polarity with Sanat Kumara…..The moment of capturing the Elect One is the very moment of the evanescent quality of the dove–now, lo, the gift of love among us!…

Thus these daughters of men (Enoch 7:1, 2, 10; Gen. 6: 1-3) that were the offspring (of Nephilim) became the focalpoint of verily what has been called animal magnetism–the animal element of the homo erectus and the magnificence of the Great Central Sun Magnet that is contained in the holy seed of holy angels.  Thus without authority these fallen ones established the enthronement of the carnal mind.  They created not god, not animal, not man but what has been called a kind of man–a race of mankind hewn out of the rock of light and yet enslaved by the lesser creation.  And whence cometh the lesser creation?  It is also the product of genetic manipulation….

And by the accelerated speed of light passing through the golden-ratio spirals ascending and descending there is produced then the separating out of all misuse of the very seed of Christ!  And thus this creation that is neither here nor there must cease to be.

…each child of the light has the responsibility to resist this magnetism of the animal-self that emits from the fallen ones.  For this magnetism perpetuates the lusts of the flesh, the desires thereof and the intense desire of the Watchers themselves to continue in their own creation that seed of light which they must continue to steal generation after generation to perpetuate their nonexistence, their existence outside of the hallowed circle of the Lord of Spirits and His Elect One….And now you may understand the source of what Mother has called “aggressive mental suggestion.”  It comes as an emanation of these forcefields of the Watchers…..

Of course they (the Watchers–they rebelled from the level of the Great Silent Watchers) see to it that they are never implicated in crime.  But lesser manifestations–the robot creation, the insane, the embodied evil spirits, and even now and then a child of the light gone astray through chemicals, through drugs, through manipulation–become the instrument of these vast (and I use the word vast specifically to describe the) interconnected forcefields of the Watchers….And they always act in concerted measure nation by nation.  You see therefore that the cooperation of the fallen ones as heads of state, in the community of international bankers, in the manipulation of the economy and education is almost as though it were conducted as an orchestra….

It is as though with iron and brass they had created a prisonhouse extending as a grid around the entire Earth.  And how is it broken? It is broken by the fohatic key of our Word–by the release of light from our heart as the heart of God is also the heart of the Mother of the earth.  It is broken by the light of ascension’s flame within you!…your own Kundalini fire is the essential element as ascension’s flame rising within you–gainst which all of the armaments abuilding, all of the forcefields, all of the computers and mechanizations of the Watchers cannot prevail.  Truly it is purity’s light; truly it is whitefire!  It is a laser beam out of ascension’s fire that is able to bring challenge and judgment unto the Watchers.   -Enoch:  12-29-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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