before the complete turning of mankind into a decadent entombment in matter


1) To neglect attuning with invisible influences of the highest order is to deny Reality….Gratitude should pour forth from the hearts of the faithful for each such a (wondrous intercessory) manifestation of infinite protection in the world at large and for the infinite protection which God gives without fail to His followers during both waking and sleeping hours….

Men’s personal goals as well as the goals of the age must start and stop with true religion. Only in the search for God can tomorrow be truly found; and today is the hour of decision! For holy truth I AM                 Vaivasvata Manu:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:42

2) “How can we stop the onslaught of a blatant materialism that casts its coils around the balance of life and honors the golden calf as the be-all and end-all of mortal existence?”…

You have a saying that “Rome was not built in a day.” Let me tell you that this may be true but the spirals of the Spirit must be constructed now before the complete turning of mankind into a decadent entombment in matter which will require centuries and even aeons if men do not soon heed the call that seeks to lift them individually out of this ever-deepening groove of imperfection….We who know what is at stake make our plea, renewed from time to time and intensified to greater strength as the years roll by, that we may counteract the intensification of recalcitrance itself which accepts social pressures and excess taxation in a complacent manner, saying “There is nothing we can do about it.”…I AM for a renewed resurrection Spirit that sweeps the years right through and is Liberty in action!           -Goddess of Liberty:  Pearl 9:13

3) Let men seek not to be thought great of other men but to recognize internally the greatness of God that is inherent in all of life’s manifestations.       –Saint Germain:  Pearl 13:17

4) Each has created his own karmic net, and it is to this net that can hold either the mud of human vileness or the heart of the golden age as chalice of universal opportunity that we would direct our attention….Destined by the Eternal to be the master of his life he has become—through a sense of division and struggle—a child of confusion’s mien.      -Archeia Mary:  Pearl 13:18

5) Those who are afraid of religion are afraid of the reality of themselves, for without the true religion of the Spirit they are but “wandering stars” to whom is reserved the mist of darkness forever….For all that humanity have been is as nothing until the day that they become illumined as one body by the knowledge of the living Christ….the be-ness of every man which God foreordained from the foundation of the earth.         -Morya El:  Pearl 13:19

6)…the pains of distortion in the current order of things have warped perspective and created a cloud of dust filled with the darkness of despair….(The Holy Spirit) retains the purity of Whitsuntide, the great purity of the White-Sun-Tide, the great purity of the eternal compassion of the Father seeking that which is lost to restore it to its former estate of God-beauty and trust….

Now we know that mankind are beginning to realize that the world is in the grips of a very terrible force that seeks to utilize for the destruction of civilization the communications media and the great inventions brought forth by the masters through the scientists of the world for the benefit of man….

Remember, beloved ones, true values of the Spirit are held invulnerable–locked within the human soul–placed there by God and His Son the Eternal Christos. Beware then of those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing who would becloud the sun of divine beauty that is the great Pentecost of communion between man and God….recognize that the agencies of darkness have compounded–even as they have exploited the thirsts and hungers of the people–an empire of material gain which they are now using to overcome the activities of the progenitors of spiritual reality.          -Maha Chohan:  Pearl 13:21

7) The Maha Cohan welcomes the opportunity of investing the devotees with the pure white robes of the Holy Spirit. Is the divine merit of this vesting a figment of a vain mind imagining vain things or is it a tangible reality, beheld not by humanity but by God and rewarded by Him exceedingly? He joys to give to men and women whom He has created the blessed expansion of the soul that in its boundlessness reaches out to the music of the spheres and the glow of infinite colors, to the harmonization of heart and to the miracle of the resounding voices of angels.        –Maha Chohan: Pearl 13:28

8) The acceptance of the Christ-identity of every man, by every man, is the means whereby the forces of freedom can sever the cords that bind the souls of men….

When you greet the morning sun you may lovingly say, “O mighty Presence of God I AM in and behind the sun: I welcome Thy light which floods all the earth into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul. Radiate and blaze forth Thy light! Break the bonds of darkness and superstition! Charge me with the great clearness of Thy whitefire radiance! I AM Thy child and each day I shall become more of Thy manifestation!”

-Helios: Pearls of Wisdom 13:29 (7-29-1970)

9) The power of faith has “framed the world” and the power of faith to alter a way of life for a nation, a state or an individual continues to be “the spark that God begot,” the spark of cosmic confidence that knows no bounds to possibility wedded to effort….The confining stakes that stretch forth the extent of the human claim are often a far cry from the mighty revelation of possibility which springs from the Mind of God as the strength to accomplish by the power of vision in action, born of hope and nurtured by charity….

Flash right through, O faith so bold!/ Let not the pains of death now hold/

The soul and aspiration dear/ That seeks each pathway now to clear/

And fetters break, the earth to shake/ To make the dusty world awake/

And work more wonders. God has taught/ The mighty golden light He brought/

Illumination’s flame to be/ A measure of immortality.

-Archeia Faith: Pearl 9:14

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