As you put into practice the revealed precepts there will unfold the spiritual blueprint

As you put into practice the revealed precepts there will unfold the spiritual blueprint of an arc of triumph in the world symbolizing, and at the same time magnetizing, a new and living way for all to conquer through the incorporeal body of the Universal Christ; this is the way that will immortalize millions who shall accept it.    -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:1


People persist in the habit patterns which they established early in life through parental guidance, and as the years go by they continue to mimic the outer expressions of others.  Let them learn, if they would be free from the bondage of imperfect molds, that the buoyant nature of God must be welcomed into conscious as well as subconscious levels of being by embodied humanity.  This is a matter of uprooting weeds which have no place in the garden of reality and of cultivating the virtues implanted there which have been choked out by the incumbent growth….

Knowing that truth and life are more important than temporal satisfactions which one day must be surrendered, knowing that the divine birthright far exceeds man’s earthly expectations, the advocates of the Holy Spirit bear the hope that individuals in this day and age will understand that surrender to God is only surrender to the goodness of Life itself.  This goodness is already inherent in life and awaiting the welcome of the individual monad who possesses the key of freewill….

Earth is a schoolroom where the light of the Holy Spirit is intended to be a beacon-guide breaking through the night of human consciousness and flooding all with the radiance of the dawn of new hope always appearing, always directing, always making those determinations that recast the molds of life in the higher image.

The struggle may seem difficult but the rewards are infinitely beautiful.  The joy is exquisite and the balm that eases the pains of spiritual birth is healing and confers a closeness to the love of God.    -Maha Chohan:  Pearl 13:33


This cause [of quality of education] will be won not by overlords and administrators but the individual teachers in the individual classrooms.  For when those teachers have the heart and the fire and the full development [of the Christ-mind and the necessary command of their subject] and especially when they are initiates of the Great White Brotherhood the success of their students year in, year out on their college boards, on their exams and in their academic standing that is rated above their peers will attract the attention [that success always attracts] whereby other schools will desire to adopt those methods.  Therefore it is absolutely imperative that big government not control education but that education and the schoolhouses of the nation be restored to the control of the parents, the teachers and the members of the community where those schools are found.  And this [bureaucratic control] is the root and the core of the problem, as you know, for thereby the serpents have entered the schoolhouses of the nation and have imposed upon them all of their methods for the manipulation of the minds of the children.  This is what you must decree for, this very point [for divine intervention concerning the fallen angels]   -Gautama Buddha:  10-4-1989 at RTR, Montana

And thus the head of that (Roman) Church year by year is compromising the standards, compromising the disciplines, taking away sainthood, taking away the disciplines of the Church.  And what is left but such a watered-down version again that it is now possible in this deluded state to foresee the time when all shall be united in one body.  As Pilate and Herod were united over the death of Jesus, so will these organizations be united over the death of the Christ consciousness.  And they will be united in one body to defy the Woman and Her Seed, to defy the Ascended Masters’ teachings and the Law.

In that hour you will require strength and succor from heaven.  For if there ever would be an hour of persecution, it is the hour of the amalgamation of the great dragon of the economies, the governments and the religions of the world into one unit in defiance of the true Christ.  This then will be the image of antichrist, and to be part of that phenomenon will be the mark of the beast.

Precious hearts, one with God is, always has been and always shall be a majority!  I say that any one of you aligned with the Christ can stand against the entire forces of the planetary body.  But this means total alignment, total consecration.  It means purification.  It means a consecration of your bodies and a concentration therein of the very fires of the sun that beat upon you with their rays to accustom you to the heat of the fiery trial and its intensity that you might be purged of all that is less than the light.

Do you think that Hierarchy plays games when it initiates you in the trial by fire?  I tell you nay!  It is for your salvation.  It is for your preparation.  It is so that you will stand when you are confronted by the Liar and his lies and by all sympathizers with the Liar who desire to be popular and to be thought well of men….

Thus in order to gain the pearl of great price (holy wisdom) there is one requirement.  You must go and sell the human ego, the human consciousness. Sell it to the sacred fire; put it to the torch; lay it upon the altar of God.  Having given all you shall receive all.  And if you give only in part your return must only be in part.  This is the Law; this is the prophecy; this is my message to you this day      -Goddess of Liberty:  4-7-1974 via Messenger ECP

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