the elements themselves must bring forth those necessary earth changes that are to come to pass before the planet may be utterly purged

1)  And thus the miscalculations of the free nations are bringing them to their knees before the totalitarian system that is the cancer of this planet and the major obstacle to the age of Aquarius….And this lie (of the fallen ones), beloved, is in the same vibration as the karma of the people, and therefore the people do not read the lie because of their own karmic vibration and density….(Thus) fear not to raise your voice unto the heavens, sensing that in the very fervor and fire of your hearts you do reach untrammeled octaves of light! Therefore so be it…..

And it is the mystical body of Christ in the earth, that true and living body, that must be saved and must be in the earth even a lodestone of heaven, even a divine magnet of the Great Central Sun that does hold the balance when the elements themselves must bring forth those necessary earth changes that are to come to pass before the planet may be utterly purged of the violet flame and begin anew….

For until the hour of the fulfillment is come for your own victory in the light you must take this teaching we have given…

And therefore we deal not alone with individuals but with genetic sowings by fallen ones seeking always to intrude upon the forcefield and psyche of the individual some element of self-denial of the living Christ, however faint, that will tie him to the planetary force of Antichrist.      -Saint Germain:  2-27-1988 at Lisbon via Messenger ECP Page 29

2)  …purity of motive is a mighty requisite in the calling forth of faith….There must never be a careless drift whereby the individual not only desires God to make his choices for him but also expects the Most high to carry them out….

To lean upon the arm of the Lord does not mean to make of it a crutch but to enter into a partnership whereby patterns as they are found inspire the individual to execute artistically new spirals of thought in keeping with divine ideals.  Individual action where holy zeal is rightfully tempered by divine wisdom and graces makes of man a God in action….

Yet a world steeped in dogma will often reject progressive revelation and the voice of God speaking in all ages through holy prophets.    -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:10


3)  Men are often caught in the downdraft of another’s descent, and the palpitations of their vacillations at this moment distress not only the near ones who love them but also do they scratch the fine grains of the mind to their own discomfort.  The dark ones continually seek to involve mankind in overconcern for externalities–political, personal, social, private–and in preconceived notions about the future of man or the future itself….

But if the world be full of darkness, there is more light in the universe than all of the darkness of the world multiplied by the nothingness that it is….What then shall a man do to be saved?

Commitment to the pristine ideas of God is a right step, and when love develops sufficiently to cognize the allness of God as of greater purpose than the turbulence of men and the spasms of self-seeking, the blessedness of freedom will come.    -Morya:  Pearl 9:11

4)  Your contemporaries often seek their own gains or to tear from you some beautiful softness of soul which they themselves cannot accept and would but desecrate in order to feel a moment of mortal triumph…..

The kingdom of God is within you–that is to say, the key is there–you must place it in the golden door, as did my son Jesus, and accept the reality of heaven that is all around you. The emptiness of atheism and the travesty of agnosticism are both symbols of the incomplete.  Men and women who have mastered language, art, science and worldly learning according to its finite possibilities are often most lacking in their understanding of cosmic adventure.     -Archeia Mary:  Pearl 9:12


-Atlantean Priestess, by Norman Thomas Miller

5)  The human spinal axis with its tilt must also be straightened so that it is kept perpendicular to the plane of the ellipse; thus the revolving, evolving and involving spheres of being will be free from the masquerade of shadow to express the unstained whiteness of the eternal Sun.   -Gautama Buddha:  Pearl 8:1

6)  O precious ones, the time has come when the yoke of tyranny must be put-off….

By contradistinction (to Abel and his reconsecration of the land) the mind of Cain sought only to expand his desires without recognizing the threads of responsibility which, while latent, were literally bursting within his being also.  His use of the energies of regeneration was to direct them into the field of generation    -Vesta:  Pearl 8:2

7)  And we come then to those who are willing to understand the summoning to the election, who will understand that the Eye of God that is everywhere is the Eye of creative intent to magnify in person all that is of beauty and perfection, to remove the masked persona and to produce the immortal shining that is within the splendor of the flame of Life that is within thee….Will you help me?  Will you serve?  Will you seek to understand?   -Maitreya:  2-23-1968 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet


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