beware of spiritual pride and the ambitious in fields of religion

Prayer is a mathematics of the Spirit, and the Word itself is all that this matter is composed of….You must sustain the fire and now come to understand that it has been the alchemists and the members of societies who have pursued the Mysteries of God who have held a nucleus of fire upon which all civilizations have been built.  Where there has not been one or two or five in the midst of such an undertaking it could not be maintained–perhaps for awhile but not to the length of the fulfillment of purpose.

Take the United States for example….And we see in the field of the clergy those with such ambition for money and power and gifts of healing….Therefore beware of spiritual pride and the ambitious in fields of religion.  And understand that though there be a surface bubbling of religion it does not carry the profundity, the depth I say, of the inner balance required to sustain the building of so great a purpose….

Beloved, other nations may not have even begun to be free but to see one so endowed now so caught in the grips of bureaucracy and manipulation and compromise in the highest offices in the land who do not dare to sacrifice their lives at the point of the principle of truth, do not dare for reputation’s sake or whatever to tell the people what is really happening–I tell you this is cause for sadness!….

Beloved, many hearts must conspire to challenge forces–forces empowered by the highest levels of the false hierarchies of the fallen angels.  They are not pitted against mankind en masse for they are already completely in their control….    -Archangel Raphael:  5-25-1986 at Vancouver, British Columbia, see

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