Those then who are capsized in a spiritual or a material suicide are those who identify with the storm

Those then who are capsized in a spiritual or a material suicide are those who identify with the storm instead of perceiving in that storm the alchemy of the elements that is designed to free life in matter, to free the sacred fire and the Spirit….

I live then in the mastery of the flow.  As Jesus consciously demonstrated the law of fire becoming water and water becoming fire by walking upon the water, so I come to teach you the way of the avatars that you might understand that it is at the point of the nexus of the heart, in the cosmic interval itself, that sacred fire is translated into waterpower….

You see the energy passing through the cosmic interval is a very precise acceleration of the threefold flame and three-quarter time until, at the moment of precipitation in matter, the cosmic waltz becomes the cosmic march, and for the coordinates of the great pyramid you experience that grand manifestation–left, right, left, right, one, two, three, four.

Although it is a military cadence it does not have the mechanization of the robot creation because it contains light and joy and the precision of the Mind of Christ manifesting in nature, not as a mechanical cosmos but as the glorious love manifestation of Spirit entwining matter and matter entwining Spirit through the caduceus rising upon the spinal altar….

You see it is the ritual and the rhythm of the waltz and the march that enables you to keep the flame constant as the ship of the soul passes through the etheric, mental, emotional and physical quadrants of matter….

You balk at the slightest deprivation or discipline or the slightest manifestation that is not convenient to your outer ways.  This is hardness of heart resisting the coming of love.  Therefore love must come in increments in proportion to your own self-discipline.

Self-discipline is not a straitjacket, it is movement in the rhythm of a cosmos, perpetual motion in the movement of a cosmos and perpetual meditation upon the whitefire core of being.  Idling your energies is a loss of life….

We keep the concentration of energy within our community by the law of perpetual motion, and those who have not the joy of the flame, the wisdom of the law or the love of humanity will never, never, never in this life understand the fulfillment of the life of the chela….

You see paper money creating jobs that do not need to be created is not the solution to the flow of cosmic energy and abundance within the nations.  Nay, it is the core of life, the threefold flame that comes first in those who are the restless ones and who become the ones who rest in perpetual motion.

Let life return then to its central purpose.  Let life return to the art and the science of Venus.  Let Earth and Venus now be in relation to one another as a cosmic figure eight.  Let the evolutions of Venus hold the focus of the plane of Spirit.  Let the evolutions of Earth hold the focus of the plane of matter and let there be the cosmic interchange ordained by Lord Maitreya and by the Ancient of Days.     -Lady Venus:  5-15-1977 at Pasadena, see

 -Sanat Kumara, by Ruth Hawkins, ~1985


Many lives must be compared in order to understand how the light that shines so brightly is kindled by the blows of destiny.  Chaos can be seen as the hammer that strikes the sparks.  Only the unwise think that the Teacher hovers above everything and feels nothing. On the contrary the Teacher feels not only his own burdens but also the burdens of those who are connected with him.  Such near and dear ones can be either in their physical or in their subtle bodies.  They may be close physically, or physically separated, yet close in spirit.     -Morya:  Supermundane 2, 1938, preface


 The yogi serves as a living link with the supermundane world; this honorable cooperation is not easy.  Chaotic earthly accumulations cause pain and exhaustion beyond measure. But the yogi is a true sacrificer and knows that the Common Good is not achieved easily. As a sensible manager of his resources he does not allow overfatigue.  He knows that all extremes should be avoided.  He will immediately inhale the prana and give rest to his organism.       -Morya:  Supermundane 4, 1938, preface


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