enlightened leadership that is full of compassion and the Holy Spirit and that is careful before the power and the authority that is given not to abuse it

Thus beloved, whether or not this Church Universal and Triumphant, [including] its branches in teaching centers and study groups, does continue to thrive and to grow and to expand depends on [an] enlightened leadership that is full of compassion and the Holy Spirit and that is careful before the power and the authority that is given not to abuse it and not to crush new souls on the Path.

I pray that you pray for the leader within you to rise up and take dominion and that you surrender to that leader and to that law and to the justice, which is absolute and unerring, of your own karmic condition.

I pray that you study the profiles of many [successful leaders in every field] and [the books and courses of] those who are professional teachers in these subjects [today on] how to be a good leader, a good administrator, [and] how to be the servant of all if you would be great among men. The true leader is first and foremost the servant who humbly remembers at all times that he is actually the employee of the Christ of the ones whom he must lead.  Therefore beloved, let us see and study and come to the gentleness of heart.  So the gentle Spirit most holy shall impart a power not of this world and a fire to consume all temporal power and tyranny and totalitarian regimes.

If there is to be leadership and the shepherding of souls and true ministers of the Word, there must be those who will be sensitive not to hurt any one of these little ones and who will always remember: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these little ones, even unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” Christ Jesus. I think, beloved, [that it is wise] before addressing anyone [to take that] very simple pause to remember that [although] that one you are speaking to may be a soul bereft of Christhood yet [that one is] still that potential Christ, that potential God.     -Theosophia:  7-1-1990 via Messenger ECP


A White Paper On the Path of Initiation  June 17, 2003 

   …During the term of vacancy (of the Vicar of Christ), all of his temporal duties and powers shall be conferred upon the board of directors, excepting the power to direct any significant changes in the mission, tenets, doctrine or ritual of the Church or any other specific power of the Vicar of Christ that may have been conferred, in the absence of the Vicar of Christ, upon any other offices or bodies by these articles of incorporation or the bylaws of this corporation.” [Article X, Section 2. Vicar of Christ p. 13

This provision has been essentially unchanged since the church was first incorporated in 1975….

From time to time, the Ministerial Council may deal with the following situations:

1. The discipline of ministers who are outside of the law of their vows to the Mother Church or the standards of personal conduct and behavior that are expected of ministers. Mother, for example, would not have allowed a minister to support or establish another spiritual organization that may conflict with the goals and teachings of the Church Universal and Triumphant. Nor would she have allowed a minister to encourage other individuals or groups to do these things or to establish another spiritual group outside of the church. Nor would she allow a minister who was not upholding the necessary standards of personal behavior to continue to function in that office. In the past, she has asked individuals in circumstances like these to leave the organization, and she has wished them well in their endeavors….

Mother predicted in 1976 that “there are going to arise many, many people calling themselves messengers . . . It will have to be the people who have the discrimination who will denounce the impostors.” While we know every chela has their own discernment and discrimination, it is our job to uphold the integrity and mission of the organization as a whole, and to be clear about individuals who seek the endorsement of this organization for their activities.

Mother explained the mantle and office that she holds in her letter of May 25, 1985:

“The office that I hold and the mantle that I bear is greater than I–the I in the lesser sense of the word. Though I, personally, may have made mistakes, passed through the arduous challenges of fully balancing my karma as well as a learning curve in the execution of my office and meeting the responsibilities of family and organization, etc., the mantle and the office have remained intact and untarnished. They have not been withdrawn and they are the source of the power delivered at the altar and in the one-to-one relationship that I hold with the masters’ students.”

The Board of Directors and the Ministerial Council believe that this statement holds true today. They pledge to remain true to the messenger and to the path of initiation that she taught…. 

 But she (Mother) cautioned that unless one has a mantle bestowed by an ascended master, one is subject to err in receiving communications—whether from the etheric octave or from the mental plane, from the astral plane or the physical plane. The reason that the masters have trained and anointed messengers is because they sponsor messengers by placing upon them absolute protection when it comes to the delivery of the Word of God. 

Mother said that if someone is not a messenger, they should not share communications from the masters with others. If indeed a master is communicating with an individual, then the message is for him or her alone and for their personal calls and prayers. If one passes on such messages to others, he or she may well be interfering with their communication with their Holy Christ Self. They may soon come to rely on the “messages” instead of their own inner communion with their Holy Christ Self and the masters. (And if the message is not accurate, the person who gives the message will certainly be making karma.) 

Most importantly, the messengers have taught that if there is a point of vulnerability–whether involvement in the psychic in past lives or the present life, emotional or physical imbalance, or spiritual pride–it is easy for the false hierarchy to intrude upon spiritual experiences. There are many individuals who think they have been contacted by one of the masters, and in fact it may not be the master at all. El Morya explains in The Chela and the Path, chapter 16:

“Some of these, deceived and deceiving others, go so far as to say that everyone should be a psychic channel, everyone should develop his psychic powers. Like the magicians in Pharaoh’s court they hold up to our Messengers their psychic phenomena and they say, ‘See, we do the same thing!’ Not so! Like the fallen ones who, in their attempt to level hierarchy, would make themselves equal with the sons and daughters of God, these psychic channels would cause our Messengers and their work with the living Word to become muddied by the flood of psychic material being released by the false hierarchy.”

Lanello spoke of the progress of our movement in his 1977 Ascension Day address on “The Office of the Messenger,” published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 43, no. 22, May 28, 2000:

“To see the progress of the movement as we behold it at inner levels is to see the expansion, the unfoldment of hearts who are one. Indeed it is so; the foundation of the movement is the heart of each devotee. Beginning with the center and expanding, every devotee of the flame of Morya and Jesus and Saint Germain ought to consider how to expand the heart-the love fires of the heart, the wisdom of the heart, the good will of the heart.

“Your hearts, breaking through the mass consciousness, will be the victory of America. Your hearts, one with mine, form the magnet with Jesus and Magda of our endeavor in the New Jerusalem. It is a challenge, but then you are a group, oh, a good group, who have borne over many centuries the challenges of every obstacle, every difficulty, every opponent and every foe in the way.

“Your teeth were sharpened in the days of chivalry and the period of the Hundred Years’ War in Europe. And beyond, in China and through the ancient days, you have been developing that consummate skill to keep on, to thrust through and to thrust home to the core the very torch of victory.”…

In the light of the Divine Mother and through her mantles we serve, 
Yours in faith and sincerity, 

The Board of Directors and The Ministerial Council, 
The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant

cc: Staff and Volunteers, Board of Directors, Elders, Ministers, Teaching Centers and Study Groups, Local and Distant Friends, Communication Facilitators


As you know we have separated the Office of the Messenger from the executive branch of the organization. The Office of the Messenger then formulates the what and why, and the executive branch determines the who, when, where, how and if, along with the basic details of execution.    -Messenger ECP:  6-30-1997 at San Diego

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