to the one focalpoint that remains the only hope of salvation to Terra

You see when compromise holds sway purity is not preserved–not for the elect, not for the children of God, not for the fallen ones.  And then the Church crumbles, becomes dead ritual–a hollow echo of former things, former glory and the hope that was, that cannot be realized because the honor flame has fallen to the ground.

Therefore in the council of Jesus and Mary, of Saint Germain and Portia, representatives respectively of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages, the proclamation has gone forth that all hierarchies of light, the company of saints and all who have served the flame of the true Church should on this day and this hour transfer the flow of light, of dominion, of awareness of God to the one focalpoint that remains the only hope of salvation to Terra….

It is a statement of the Law, of the Word in this hour that as the Lord Christ has vested his authority and his flame in the Mother and the Messenger of Hierarchy who stands before you, so for the building of the golden age, so for the building of the true Church every saint, every ascended being will from this hour forward give to this cause, to this purpose–into the heart, the head and the hand of the Mother on earth–the full momentum of striving, of overcoming, of building and of the chief cornerstone that the Church Universal and Triumphant might be built first as the temple within the heart of every member and then as that white edifice that shall be the testimony of the temple that is in the City Foursquare.

Therefore I make known to you this day the withdrawal of energies from all churches and groups who have compromised the cosmic honor of the Christ and of Mother Mary.  And to them that have shall be given in this hour the talent, the virtue, the flow of light to establish upon earth this one true Church.  It is an inner Church; and with inner attainment are we concerned–not with temples made with hands but with that cube of whitefire in the heart of every member….

And I shall stand to teach the Mother of the Flame how to fulfill the Office which I also held, how to minister as the Good Shepherd to the flocks of the nations, the flocks of the world.  And I shall be there in the hour of triumph, in the hour when the cube becomes the universal awareness of triumph in the Christ.  And there shall be order, and there shall be written bylaws for the government of the Church.

And there shall be in the center of the Church the fountain of the Cosmic Virgin flowing freely as the water of life, and all who follow as Vicar of Christ to hold this Office shall be representatives of the feminine ray.  And the order of Hierarchy shall be:  the one who has risen in the highest calling in the light to the greatest awareness of the Mother-Flame shall be the Vicar of Christ in all ages to come in this two-thousand-year cycle of the Aquarian Age….

So I have come forth in the order of Hierarchy to stand before you that you might receive the momentum of our light and our love, for we are for the light of the Ancient of Days, of Sanat Kumara.  We are for the light of the Earth!  We are for the light of the Christ!  And only if there be established a body of God upon earth who will not compromise this our devotion, this our energy can we continue to serve the planet Earth….

Therefore within this City Foursquare which is the Community of the Holy Spirit, within that City is the Temple Beautiful.  And the Temple Beautiful is the soul that has become the true Church.  And so you see it is a mystical Christianity to which humanity must return, a Christ-I-AM-ity.  All who fit according to the stonecutters, to the mason and the master builder, will find that stone by stone, line by line, precept upon precept each soul ordained as member of this Church will fit with every other soul that represents Hierarchy in this edifice of the Spirit.           -Johannes:  2-10-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet

-Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1881-1963)
Ascended Master Johannes


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