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The Elders’ Governance and Spiritual Offices Committee, October 2002:

Carla Healy, Gilberto de los Santos, Christophe Lambert, Hertha Lund, Frances MacPherson, Ketino Luditze, Linda Worobec, with associates Jim Schmidt and Kathleen Moorcroft

(Work of the Governance Principles Sub-Committee of the Organizational Structure Committee, July 2002)

 The four principles of governance agreed upon by the Council of Elders are:

 1.                  We are in the lineage of the Great White Brotherhood through their anointed Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and we are committed to maintaining the sponsorship of the Ascended Masters and to fulfilling the Masters’ mission for the organization.

2.                  In order to empower individuals and groups doing the work at each level of the organization, authority should be delegated as much as possible to those responsible for carrying out the work.  Governance should facilitate members’ giving their gifts in an atmosphere of support and loving guidance.

3.                  We strive to have a system of checks and balances with defined, distinctive roles and responsibilities.

4.                  Tithing is a major tenet of the church.  Appropriate tithe-sharing agreements between headquarters and the field are key to our future growth and prosperity.**


There are some who have usurped the authority of the teacher before that hour (appointed), before the fruit of consciousness was ripened upon the Tree of Life.  These usurpers then nevermore could understand that in prematurely assuming the mantle for which they did not have the full stature it was dragged through the mud and became a material doctrine, an intellectual ethic.  And therefore only the teacher, only the teacher would be revered, or perhaps the most favored disciple….
I urge you then to realize that in the dispensation of our movement in this concluding hour of the Piscean Age prophesied by the Lord Christ we have seen to it that our movement does not depend upon one but it depends supremely on each and every one of you….
It is the movement of a living Word that passes through the chalice and gives life to all.  This is the foundation, this is the rock upon which the Lord Christ built his church.  It is ever the movement of the Lamb in and through you all.    -Sanat Kumara:  7-4-1978 via Messenger ECP
In order to make the transition to the future…openness–open ears, open minds, open hearts….
Our principles are our moral compass.  Order is heaven’s first law.  Trust is in ourselves and in our heartflame, trust in God, trust in the human experience, trust people even if they betray you.  Better let them betray you than you betray them.   -Messenger ECP:  6-30-1997 at San Diego
Now let’s discuss The Ring of the Nibelungs by Wagner.  A curse on love, his need for power– that was Alberich’s way.  Now conceive of a number of Alberich-clones, all willing to curse love and prefer the ring of power.  There, now one conceives of the power of black magicians that could so subvert nearly a whole house.  What house?  O cut that.  We must look very tidy to the public, you know.  Cut that stuff on what house.   -R,
As you know there are two Babylons: the ecclesiastical and the political Babylon, one the false hierarchy of anti-Christ in church, the other the false hierarchy of the International Capitalist/Communis t Conspiracy.  Both of these false hierarchies comprise the world cult of idolatry and the abuse of power to which consciousness Susan was prey and of which she made herself heir. Thus with the judgment of the ruby ray upon the tower of Babel and Ninevah and the modern Babylon, those who have become drunk with power–the power of the blood of the saints, the essence of their light–are also judged.         -Morya:  “The Hour of World Transmutation” (Susan Krister Case), ~9-8-1985


Lineage of the Great White Brotherhood
  1.1   Coil by coil the light of the Godhead is transferred to you by emissaries of the Most High eminently qualified to occupy the spirals of the vast chain of hierarchical light, accelerating and decelerating to accommodate the varying needs of the evolutions of cosmos.  Just as you, my beloved, represent me and my office and the entire lineage of the Ruby Ray to those who do not know of us–our name, our Word, our vibration–just as those who receive you, receive me–for I AM in you and you are in me–so it is a key initiation for all who would approach the throne of grace to receive the one sent by the Master–his messenger, his prophet, his witness.
PoW, Vol.  22 No.  41, Sanat Kumara, October 14, 1979
 1.2    You must understand that your tie to the Great White Brotherhood through the lineage that sponsors this Messenger, through Padma Sambhava, you have the greatest opportunity in the entire Matter universe to take your ascension. The hierarchies of Light who are a part of this earth are hierarchies of Light who are a part of this entire universe.  This is not something merely of this earth.
EL MORYA, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 16, 1995
 1.3    Understand, my friends, that authentic spiritual lineages that oversee the evolutions of earth are few and far between.  For inasmuch as the weight of mankind’s karma is so great–and mankind show little or no intention of balancing that karma–the lineage of Sanat Kumara is the only lineage that the Great White Brotherhood is sponsoring in this 2,150-year dispensation of the Aquarian age.
Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, PoW, Vol. 39 No. 9, March 3, 1996
 1.4    With the transfer of the mantle from Master to disciple comes the transfer of responsibility.  The disciple pledges to carry on the mission of his Master.  In order for the work of the Great White Brotherhood to continue on earth, someone in embodiment must wear the mantle of Guru.  Today there are very few true Gurus in embodiment who are sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood.
     The lineage of Gurus who sponsor me, and whose teaching I am pledged to teach and uphold, is a special lineage of the Great White Brotherhood.  The chain of hierarchy in this lineage is from Sanat Kumara (the Ancient of Days), to Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ and Padma Sambhava.
BACKGROUND ON PADMA SAMBHAVA, A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 30, 1996
1.5     The saving graces are that we have the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood in our community, there is no question about that, and that oursponsorship comes to us from the Great White Brotherhood through thelineage of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Padma Sambhava and, lastly, myself.
SERVICE BEFORE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, A Service with Elizabeth Clare Prophet,
August 10, 1997
1.6    The conference (bestowal) of the seed of the Christ and of the heart of Morya in all of his soul’s incarnations is the gift of God to those who walk in his footsteps not by flesh and blood, but by the spiritual lineage of the Great WhiteBrotherhood. These initiations are available to you directly, as long as the Great White Brotherhood has such an ordained messenger in physical embodiment.
The Office of the Friend of God by The Great Divine Director, KoF Lesson 30
 1.7    Yet I tell you, beloved, it is the hour when the permanent atom of being can be forged and won by you in a manner that has not been possible to you because of past nonsponsorship by the Ascended Masters. Today the sponsorship is there.  And yet the student must pay the price, for we do not give loans to nonpermanent beings, beloved, for obvious reasons.
THE MAHA CHOHAN, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 30, 1994
 1.8    In an age of great darkness, it requires the sponsorship of the AscendedMasters with their chelas to seal a lifestream in so great a light, so great a salvation, and to keep that one protected and in balance spiritually and physically midst the pressures of planetary darkness and of the fallen ones in their spacecraft who would hold this entire planetary body hostage to the darkness of Death and Hell.
Beloved Saint Germain, PoW, Vol. 28, No. 34, August 25, 1985
 1.9   We represent a people who because of our sponsorship by the AscendedMasters and our self-knowledge in God have forged this Community, this organization and this power base.
Fourth of July Address by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. July 4, 1988
 1.10    This is why it’s important to be a Keeper of the Flame so you get direct sponsorship, direct sponsorship of the Ascended Masters and Messengers.
IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE, A Lecture Series by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 2, 1993
1.11    We are not just any group of chelas with any guru.  We acknowledge Sanat Kumara as our Guru.  We are a part of the Great White Brotherhood.  The Ascended Masters have an extraordinary commitment to their chelas.  And therefore, our journeying, by the simple obedience to the giving of the AUM, is because of our sponsorship and overshadowing by Ascended Masters and angelic beings.
     So there is a chain of Hierarchy.
The Class of the Archangels, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, December 30, 1980
 1.12    I do not say you cannot become members of this and that, but realize that, in the ultimate sense of the word, a member of the Great White Brotherhood(which you are or may aspire to be by becoming true disciples of the Law of Love) gives allegiance first and foremost to that Brotherhood. The tests will inevitably come of allegiance and of defending the right of the ascended masters and their chelas to be on planet Earth.
PoW, Vol. 27 No. 49 Beloved Saint Germain, October 7, 1984
2.      In order to empower individuals and groups doing the work at each level of the organization, authority should be delegated as much as possible to those responsible for carrying out the work.  Governance should facilitate members’ giving their gifts in an atmosphere of support and loving guidance.
Delegation of authority to those responsible for work
2.1    First come the patriarchs of the law.  They carry the flame of the law, the blueprint of any organization.  They have leadership capabilities.  They are always able to see the whole and the relationship of the parts to the whole; therefore they are organizers.  They can delegate authority.  They write the laws; they execute the laws; they administer the laws.  And more than this, they are organizers in any phase of a project.  If a project does not have a patriarch of the law, it will not succeed.
The Great White Brotherhood in the History and Culture of America. Ch. 9, “Citizens of a                  Cosmos–Patriarchs of the Law, Patrons of Life, and Patriots of Liberty,” p. 108
 2.2   Some people think that I know everything that happens everywhere in our headquarters, and I do not, because I delegate authority to many department heads, to many responsible individuals.  And with that authority comes the necessity of their making decisions.
    I do not know all the decisions that all of my representatives make.  And I am sure you realize that if I try to do so I would not be competent in a leadership role. The successful leader knows how to delegate and how to train those who then will represent him and will always realize that those who do represent him may make mistakes.  You’re never going to have a perfect representative who’s going to do everything perfectly….
    So, everyone who is a member of this Community can give very constructive support to all of us all over the world whether here in the heart center or in Teaching Centers.  You can give to us the best of your expertise in the fields where life has provided you with training and you can light a candle in the dark where we may not have the proficiency that you have and always know what is the wisest decision to make in an area….
     … it is the real beauty of the Universal Christ in all of us working together that enables us to accomplish.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 5, 1988
 2.3    In my heart I have desired to see Climb the Highest Mountain translated into many languages.  We have thought in terms of Japanese, because the Japanese are just waiting, waiting and crying for this truth.  I have thought in terms of having it translated into Russian, and someone said to me, “Well, how are you going to get it into Russia?”  I said, “We’ll get it into Russia, don’t worry.  When that book is in Russian, it’s going to go right through the Iron Curtain and it’s going to land right in the laps of the people who are dedicated to God.”
     I have no concern as to how it’s going to be done.  I turn that over to the “Do It” Committee.  That’s Archangel Michael and his angels.  I say “Here it is.  You do it.” And that’s one thing about precipitation.  You can’t feel that you’re the doer.  You have to stand here and hold the flame, but you’ve got to be able to delegateauthority.  And the whole Hierarchy of Light is waiting there to have your delegation, because we are the authority in this octave.  This is our earth and we can do with it what we will.
     And so we have to speak to the Masters.  We have to say, “Morya, in the name of Almighty God, I command that you manifest the will of God to this situation, in our educational systems, in our mo, motion picture industry; and I demand that it take place now.”
INSTRUCTION ON PRECIPITATION, New Year’s Light of the World Conference, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 1, 1973
3.      We strive to have a system of checks and balances with defined, distinctive roles and responsibilities.
Checks and Balances
3.1    Hierarchy is safe. It has its checks and balances, and it does work.  And it does work to make you see how you are attached to your little ego and your little ways of doing things.  It forces you to give them up because you love the cause, you love humanity, you love the total work that’s going to happen because you were able to give up a little bit of yourself.
“Chelaship, as the Way to Leadership,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 20, 1977
3.2   …there’s checks and balances— Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The son of God can say to the Father, Hey, Dad, don’t you think there’s a better day, better way we can do this job?  And the son may point out to his Father a better way and the Father may say, Yes, you’re right, let’s do it that way.  That a true Father/son relationship.  That’s a true Guru/chela relationship.  It’s important.  The chela is also God and we’ve been taught that chela is, is with the lowercase c and Guru is with the upperpa, case G so that you understand that Guru is in a higher position of attainment and along the path.  But if, if you’ve got God in you, then that God is able.  And that point of God that is your own, even if it’s the level of chela, may have something extraordinary to offer the God with a capital G, the Guru.
February 18, 1981, Elizabeth Clare Prophet
3.3    Hesed and Gevurah act as a complementary pair.  They represent the extremes of Love/Mercy (Hesed) on the one hand and Justice/Judgment (Gevurah) on the other.  We can look at this pair as Kabbalah’s system of checksand balances for the universe.  Hesed and Gevurah/Din, says Matt, are “two sides of [the] divine personality:  free-flowing love and strict judgment, grace and limitation.. ..Ideally a balance is achieved, symbolized by the centralsefirah,Tiferet….However, if Judgment is not softened by Love, Din lashes out and threatens to destroy life.”
     Hesed tends to emanate and expand Ein Sof’s essence without limit.  Gevurahtends to do the opposite, to limit God’s goodness by limiting Hesed‘s expansion. Poncé summarizes the Kabbalists’ system of checks and balances:
     Gevurah, the Power of God, is the sefirah of Justice and Control, capable of also meting out punishment.  Its nature is feminine, and it limits the abundance of Mercy.  By the same token, the severities of Power are tempered by Mercy, so the two exist in a state of harmony.
       [Gevurah] is representative of the contraction of the divine will.  Because Mercy is a life-giving power, ever-productive in its activity, it would have been unwise to have let it express itself without setting some limit.  It was for the reason that Gevurah, Judgment and Power, or Justice, holds things in check that it had to be created.  Yet without the compassion and creativity of Mercy, Justice in its role of stern judge would cause things to contract to the point of nonexistence. [Judgment tempers mercy, and mercy tempers judgment.]
Kabbalah, Chapter Three “The Tree of Life: The Sefirot Unveiled” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, pp. 39-40
3.4           This path that is embraced by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, whereby we are sponsored by Ascended Masters who are our teachers, has the checks andbalances which in themselves keep the way of the Tree of Life and guard that Tree of Life from abuses.  And this is the very thing we are looking at here.  This threefold flame will not increase–it doesn’t matter what we think of people or how great we may think they are in a position on the Path–the threefold flame will not budge unless it is expanded by the Christ qualities of that Christ flame.
                So if you think you are short on power, wisdom or love, you work what you are short on and you make it your determination each and every day to exercise your heart, your life, your service, what you do in the development of one or two or three of those faculties.
Freedom 1988, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 30, 1988
4.      Tithing is a major tenet of the church.  Appropriate tithe-sharing agreements between headquarters and the field are key to our future growth and prosperity.
Tithe and Tithing
4.1    …we pledge to uphold the law of the tithe, which states that we will give one-tenth of our income to Church Universal and Triumphant.
                  We follow the example of our Father Abraham. When returning from the slaughter of Chedorlaomer and the other kings, Abraham met Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of the Most High God. Melchizedek served Abraham bread and wine, and Abraham gave tithes of all the spoils of the battle to Melchizedek. (Gen. 14:18-20)
                 We have faith in the promise of the Lord: “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (Mal. 3:10)
                 We therefore give fearlessly, lovingly and generously of our supply, knowing that God will return it to us multiplied many times over. For it is written, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  (Eccles. 11:1)
XI Law of the Tithe, Tenets, Church Universal and Triumphant, 1996
4.2           Tithing is a tenet of the church and of the community, but without all of this, it is the lawful gift in the interchange of that Guru/chela relationship. God then takes it, multiplies it, and turns it back to the community for its expansion and its service.  I have also noted that the requirement of that sustaining principle of offering to the Guru goes all the way back to the coming of Sanat Kumara to the planet.
 The truth is that we as individuals cannot survive intact in the Guru/chela relationship without tithing, and the body upon earth collectively will not survive unless it exercise the law of the tithe.  And churches and religious movements upon earth who have not compromised the living Christ and who do observe the tithe are thriving.  And those who have compromised that Christ and do not observe the law of the tithe are not thriving.  And wherever there is the complete fulfillment of the law, of the Lord, the Mighty I AM Presence and his high priest in the Person of the Son, and the souls ever striving, there you have another statement, another focus of the white cube of the Church Universal and Triumphant.
Sunday Service, Sermon on the Priesthood and the Law of the Tithe by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 31, 1982
4.3           …since Melchizedek demanded one tenth of the spoils from Abraham, we’ve been tithing and there never has been a representative of God including Moses that did not make people show their dedication to God at the gut level, the desire body, which is the economic level. If people are unwilling to part with their substance, you know that they are holding back a part of the price of the dedication of their souls.
TEACHINGS OF LANELLO #6, A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 16, 1981
4.4           I would like to come again and again because I know that many of you are struggling and I know of you, that many of you would join this church if you felt that you could tithe.  The reality is that none of us can afford not to tithe.
Teachings of the Divine Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 3, 1991
4.5           And then remember that Fortuna has told us that if we give ten per cent, if we tithe to the Masters’ activity, we open the door to unlimited supply in our worlds.  The law of tithing in the Old Testament was for this purpose, because it requires ten per cent momentum generated by you to generate a hundred per cent momentum from God.
Staff Meeting, Instruction on Supply by Elizabeth C. Prophet, April 15, 1968
 4.6          And that’s why the law of tithing was brought into manifestation of old, because tithing proclaimed that one-tenth of all that man had belonged unto God. And it allowed him to keep 90 percent as a lodestone and for his perpetual use in the business cycles.  But the 10 percent that he gave away enabled him to fulfill the law that would attract to him. The very fulfillment of “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
     And thus he had to receive, but how could he receive unless he first gave?  And how could he give unless he first received?  So we see that the thing is always the law come full circle.
Sunday Evening Service by Mark L. Prophet, May 18, 1969
 4.7   Tithing, then, is giving one tenth of oneself back to God, which already belongs to God so that God can multiply that portion and return it to us again.  It’s a great principle of expanding the light.
Stump #2, Chakra Initiations with the Lords of the Seven Rays, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 2, 1987
 4.8    Mark Prophet in his lecture “Secrets of Prosperity” said that one of the secrets of prosperity is to give ten percent of yourself to God.  He said in that lecture: “There is no law that says you can’t give more than 10 percent, but I think to give less is to deplete the seed.”
     He said: “Today I received a revelation concerning the word tithe.  I didn’t hear it as tithe.  I heard it as tie thee.  The ten percent is the portion of the divine talent that becomes a seed to tie you to your God Presence, to God, the Great Source….
     “‘Tie thee’ means a tie, a link, a union with your Source, the source of your supply.  And by giving that tenth, you’re planting the seed that makes your supply grow into the next cycle.  If you deny it to God, you actually don’t gain at all.  By holding it back, you lose, because you don’t have any seed to make it grow in the next cycle.”  End of quote by Mark Prophet.
     I have personally witnessed that when I tithe I receive back manyfold, manyfold from God.  Over the years, many, many people have told me about the miracle oftithing in their lives–and how tithing has increased their abundance.  Now, you do not have to be a member of this church or any church in order to tithe.  Bytithing, you are fulfilling a spiritual obligation to God.  Tithing is an expression of gratitude.
     As I teach in my new book Creative Abundance, gratitude is a key to prosperity. When you think about it, and I was thinking about it lately, how little is a dime in our hands.  It’s one-tenth of a dollar.  The one-tenth is very, very important.“Continually thank God for what you are and what you have, and you will see how your abundance will increase.”
     By tithing, we are giving our gratitude to God for the many, many blessings he has bestowed upon us–most of all, the wonderful teaching that he continues to give us.
LECTURE ON TITHING, A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, January 3, 1998 
 4.9     The law of tithing is something that is taken up by members of the Church, as they understand the law of the ten that has been set forth in the Old and New Testament in giving a tenth of one’s supply to the support of the activities of Hierarchy on earth.  The law of the tithe is the foundation of individual spiritual growth.  It is the science whereby when we take one-tenth of what God has give in to us and give it back to him in his order on earth, in his Church on earth, he then takes that tenth, multiplies or squares it, and gives back to us 100 percent again.
     Those who practice the law of the tithe–and there are many in the organization who do–find a tremendous flow of cosmic abundance, freedom, and blessings coming into their lives.  When founding the Church, Jesus said that the sign of one’s devotion is one’s ability to trust the law of the tithe and to give that portion for the growth of the Church.
The Great White Brotherhood, Chapter 23, A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, p. 300
4.10         I wanted to give you a few bits of additional information about tithing. Because something that was very important to me in this experience of studying, from the Bible, Melchizedek and Abraham was that Abraham did not tithe to an organization.  He tithed to the Guru, to the representative of God whom he recognized through the blessing or the initiation that Melchizedek gave to him.  He acknowledged Melchizedek as the representative of the Most High God, the possessor of heaven and earth, through the transfer of light.  And he understood that to him he owed the tenth that was due Almighty God.  What was Melchizedek to do with that tithe?  Being who he was, I am certain he would use it to the good of God’s people, for I’m sure that Melchizedek himself had no need of those tithes. But Abraham had the need to give them.  Abraham himself needed someone to receive his offering and thereby, in the giving of his offering, pass his initiation. 
                So God sent Melchizedek to him for two reasons:  To initiate him and then to receive his tithe.  Thereby the door would be open to Abram to be the instrument of the seed of Sanat Kumara and his wife Sarah to bear Isaac.  We understand, then, that Melchizedek, if he were living today, would probably create an organization for the using of those tithes to the blessing of many, many thousands of people who would follow in the footsteps of Abraham, even Abraham’s own seed.  When they would become so numerous as the sands of the seashore, what then would Abraham do?  How could he personally receive all their tithes?  So logically he would create an organization as God has given to us to create.  This organization, then, would exist as a means for the doing of the good works, the redistribution of the multiplication of those tithes back to the blessing of God incarnate in the eagles–in the initiates.  Realizing, then, that the organization is one thing and the white fire core of the organization as the mantle of the Guru is another, I began to ponder–since I spoke to you last on the subject–as to what is the very best means and place for you to give your tithes.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Community Meeting, February 2, 1982 
4.11     Tithing as cosmic law strengthens the tie to Hierarchy, to the natural flow of cosmic abundance.  The masters have told us that without tithing we could not build a Church.  The Summit Lighthouse exists yet today by reason of the dues of Keepers of the Flame and the generous contributions and those within the Keepers of the Flame who have taken up tithing because they saw it as the instrument of God’s multiplication of his Church and of his supply on earth.
A Report to Keepers of the Flame, SHASTA 1975 – KOF Day, July 2, 1975, Elizabeth Clare Prophet
4.12         Thus the Lord God Sanat Kumara demands fruit and the tithe of ten percent from earth’s evolutions, that the investment of the Cosmic Light might be worthy. Therefore understand this offering of the self: ten percent of the portion of the life of all evolutions upon earth in the service of God—in the service of the Lord of the vineyard.
PoW, Vol. 28 No. 39, Beloved Chamuel and Charity, September 29, 1985
 4.13    Those who would have the mantle and the sponsorship of the Messenger with them as they go out from this service to do their work and to attempt to provide the necessary aid may have that blessing and that mantle if they will commit to me that all moneys henceforth that they receive into their hands they shall first tithe to the Church and then use the rest for the paying of their bills, et cetera.  By that commitment, beloved, you make the same commitment to the living Guru that I made in my own time to the great Guru Melchizedek.
     And therefore, I tell you, I did never want for abundance and had tremendous assets under my dominion, for I did always tithe to the living representative of the Almighty.  And this is the measure of that portion, beloved, for it does belong to God.  And therefore be grateful that you have one in embodiment who has the mantle.
EL MORYA, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 7, 1990
 4.14    Therefore consider, for the repentance and the baptism there does come, therefore, the joining of that Church, that community of the called-out ones, that sangha of the Buddha, and to understand that the strength of the Body of God in the earth is in that oneness and in that commitment of the law of the tithe itself, which is outwardly expressed as the giving of one-tenth of supply that does come into one’s hands.  And yet the true meaning of it is that you are giving daily a tenth of your Light and your life-force and your body to the thriving of that Community.
MAHA CHOHAN, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, May 19, 1991
 4.15    Yes, beloved, the law of the Church is the law of the tithe.  Yet it is part of the price that you pay for the pearl of great price.  When you give back to God what is already his as that tenth of your portion, beloved, know truly that you are giving to him the substance of self which he immediately will turn around and give to me that I might use it for the gathering of the soul.  Truly this is the crying need of the hour and a need that not so many are aware of, not so many know that they have. [28-second pause]
MOTHER MARY, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 22, 1991
 4.16    Come into communion.  Become a communicant.  Be part of my Body as the living manifestation of this Church and recognize the law of the tithe and practice it. This is needful, beloved.  For I tell you the great teaching.  There is no acceleration or advancement on any path, worldly or spiritual, without sacrifice.  If the sacrifice is not forthcoming, then the alchemy does not work.  Therefore all of you who are successful in every level of life know what is the hardship and the sacrifice of giving birth to your dream, to your visualization, to that thing which you recognize as your calling.
JESUS CHRIST, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 10, 1993
4.17         For the act of tithing does give you the tie to the Mighty God Presence. When one-tenth of thy substance is consecrated to the fulfillment of God’s kingdom upon earth, you yourself are a part of that kingdom and the balance of gold, ten percent of your lifestream is held in that balance of the entire universal City Foursquare.
     And so the ancient ritual of giving unto God one-tenth of thy portion is simply giving unto him one-tenth of thy being and that being placed in his hands gives you the added momentum of precipitating greater and greater substance.  And so some among you have observed the great rewards you have received in tithing in the past.
     Remember that the laws were given by Moses for the fulfilling of the divine covenant.  The covenant is the promise, the contract between the Father and the Son in which the Father says, “I will give thee all that I have if thou in return will give unto me a portion of thyself and thy consecrated will to fulfill, to the fulfilling of my plan.”
     God always keeps his part of the contract, beloved ones, but mankind do bargain for more than they are entitled to and thereby they lose all for they seek not first the kingdom of God that is within in order to obtain all these things, but they seek first the things and thereby they do not gain the things or the kingdom.
FORTUNA, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 16, 1966
 4.18    Those who are chelas of the Great Divine Director are chelas of advanced alchemy.  They must understand the law that each day God gives a quotient of energy to each one according to his karma and the total is considered 100 percent of the daily allotment.  Each 10 percent is automatically due upon the altar of God as the return, as the portion that is then once again squared and returned to the chela.  Thus, you see the multiplication of abundance does not come except the individual observes strictly the law of the tithe.  This is why this is one of the tenets of the inner Church.
     It is not that God needs money.  It is that you need to give a portion of the self that may be multiplied for your ongoing service.  For without that multiplication of light and abundance, you cannot fulfill your divine plan.  And in not fulfilling your divine plan, you therefore lose your tie to the Great Divine Director.  We make this clear, then, as a requirement of chelaship that you will understand that it is necessary to learn to live within the framework of tithing.
THE GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR, A Dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 15, 1979
Господь Ланто-Lanto in a previous embodiment

When we examine then the equation of Camelot, our community of lightbearers, and we consider all of the souls upon earth who will be drawn to this matrix of intense love, we look at the equation of power.  And we are concerned that children of God understand that there is a price to be paid for power.

If you then above all desiring desire to free your brothers and sisters on the Path, you will come to the place where you are willing to pay the price for the gift of power to implement the plan. That price is your sweet surrender to your holy vow.  Note the sweetness of surrender. God does not care for a surrender that is halfhearted or sour….

God gave to us, as we fought the battle of worlds on Mercury, that energy, that power–only because we were willing to balance the threefold flame, to pursue wisdom and wisdom’s might, to intensify such love in every cell and in the flame of every cell, so that our auras were so saturated with love that there was no possibility for the misqualification of one erg of God’s power through any form of tyranny whatsoever.

Beloved ones, you have not tasted of this power of which I speak for thousands upon thousands of years. And therefore, you do not have a direct appreciation of what happens to the human psyche in the presence of such power. It becomes a force–when uncontrolled by love/wisdom–of absolute tyranny, absolute evil, despotism over souls!

It is much like the craze of the gold rush transformed people into pure greed, if there be such a commodity, intense greed is the word–all because of the great energy charged into the gold from Helios and Vesta, from the Great Central Sun. Such currents of light, when contacting the humanly misqualified forcefield, become immediately misqualified into more and more greed. Thus, the gold fever swept portions of the nation and created a karma for those individuals who thereby aligned themselves with the fallen ones in the gold-rush years.  -Morya:  10-8-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP 

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