We draw a new hope from each generation

When I speak then of purification of the memory I am referring to a memory purified to the uttermost, and the purification of memory will be an awakening unto Christ-identity and Godhood.  Every lifestream has dwelled in the very bosom of the ascension flame before it descended, and this is why it was spoken by Saint Paul, “He that descended is the same also that ascended.”

The soul came forth with a thrust of purpose to do the will of God, and the human thought patterns which have been externalized have been an awesome blight upon the radiant patterns of the soul beneath.  The human overlay has opaqued the light…whereas God would have it (memory) an object of celestial beauty where the Elysian Fields can be perceived in their true reality and the world seen as but a figment of mortal illusion.  When this occurs, when the flames of purification extend themselves into the memory body it creates a spiritual magnet around the aura of the individual which draws him up (into higher energy vibrations)                  -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension, #4

IMG_0461  -Maitreya, Korea, bronze, ~500 A.D.


We draw a new hope from each generation and rejoice in each solitary achievement for the holy cause….The swiftly flying moments often carry so little progress.  In conveying the urgent sense we advocate no gnawing frustration or feeling of pressure but rather the firm acknowledgement daily that the whole world is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Pss. 24:1).     -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:27

The being of man, surfeited by an abundance of mortal excess, in weariness of soul wantonly seeks new and bizarre methods of pleasure-madness.  The innkeepers continue to turn away the infant Messiah and the marketplaces of life are crowded with the afflictions of Babylon.  I am reminded of the cry of the ancient mariner:  “Water, water everywhere/  And all the boards did shrink;/  Water, water everywhere/  Nor any drop to drink.”  …Yet the gift of divine abundance stems from the largess of the great heart of God.       -Morya:  Pearl 8:28

Each lifestream should see how the word initiation can be used to interpret the process inherent within its meaning:  I-niche-i-action–the I, or ego, must find its niche of cosmic intent or purpose and call the great power of God into individualized action for sustained and universal freedom….

The meaning of reality itself must be sought, and not in the human lexicon but in the great records of almighty perfection which the screen of nature holds side by side with those elements which may seem foreign to the divine purpose.  The excellence of the creation descending from the heart of God commingles with old and new interferences which are continuously being set up by mankind through his misuses of knowledge and power.  Great care must be used in distinguishing the real from the unreal        -Maitreya:  Pearl 8:29

The Word is real and I AM real within the Word.   -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the 7th Seal, #31

In the sense of the abundant life let good works abound, and let these include the purification of the consciousness so that the corrosions of the world, both secular and religious, do not disturb the beautiful fruit from the Tree of Life that God seeks to nourish in every soul.          -Maitreya:  Pearl 12:43

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