Kremlin’s Surkov accused of directing Kiev protester-assassinations

2-20-15  KIEV/MOSCOW — Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Friday that police evidence showed that a top Russian presidential aide, Vladislav Surkov, had directed “foreign sniper groups” who shot and killed protesters in Kiev a year ago….

Surkov, known as the Kremlin’s “gray cardinal,” was formerly deputy chief of the presidential administration and is widely credited with the development of the “managed democracy” concept and creation of pro-Kremlin youth movements.

After resigning from his position as Deputy Prime Minister in 2013, Surkov became Putin’s point man for relations with Ukraine, as well as with the pro-Russian breakaway Georgian republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

-V. Surkov  (Shutterstock/Reuters/The Atlantic)




God is the saviour of man, Spirit is the regenerator of matter, and regeneration is the process by which matter is changed in to Spirit and thus immortalized….

But so long as the field of consciousness is not renewed and remains imbued with the concept that it is the prime mover, that it will ferret out the mysteries of the kingdom, and that it will attain and accomplish–just so long will the soul be hindered from finding true reality.  Only when the field of consciousness is able to relinquish all discord and sense of struggle, only when it is able to perceive the goodness of God as resident within the Son of God, within the Christ of God can that Christ and that light truly take dominion over the earth–over matter, over substance, over manifestation, over identity.  When this is done then the embryonic God begins to manifest and the field of consciousness becomes the forcefield into which universal education can be lowered….

One of the great problems of religious experience is the continual play of negative emotions and desires upon the field of consciousness….By the fire of the Spirit the garden of man’s heart will be made fallow           -The Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46

When individuals understand that it is not reasonable to suppose that the nature of God in its wholeness can be manifested overnight by mortals, but that a bit portion–which one of the masters once called an “Alpha-bit”–can be externalized and can bring the delight and joy of minor achievement preceding major accomplishment, they will not allow themselves to entertain feelings of discouragement over what may seem to be slow spiritual progress….who can deny that this buoyant manifestation (of octaves of light) would scarcely be enjoyed by individuals who had not first passed through the lesser octaves of light where they were able to master circumstances step by step?     -Archangel Michael:  Pearl 11:47IMG_9137

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