If pride goes then the altar is swept clean

Now we come to the stern business of accepting those who have desired and asked for a dossier on the ascension that will give them the victorious patterns, stern though they may be, by which they may win their wings of light and attain to the stature of the immortals…

I feel no need whatsoever to pamper the selfish, the greedy, the carnal-minded.  These have pampered themselves far beyond the fashion of ordinary men, and their dabblings in the realm of the spiritual will become an insult unto their own selves unless they achieve the greatest prize which a chela or seeker for God can have–humility….

If pride goes then the altar is swept clean for the gifts of divine humility.  If pride remains it doth indeed go before the fall of that individual into numerous pitfalls.  These pitfalls are subtle, involving the character of the self.  In order to outpicture in the world of form the intended God design the individual must take up the crude block of rough-hewn stone, cut out without hands into which he hast cast himself, and using the hands of spiritual idealism and the model of the divine image he must seek to bring forth that holy sculpturing of identity which is identified with the Christ reality that–as the Word–went forth from the Universal Heart.

What is the value of reading our words and meditating upon them?  The value and benefit lie in the acceptance of the charge of light which we put into the words and behind them.             -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension, #4

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