Come with me then to the garden of your heart; progressive revelation

Come with me then to the garden of your heart, raise the latch of your attention, watch the great golden gate swing inward, see the peaceful winding pathway, the verdant protected hedges, the trellised roses of love, the lacy fern of form-symmetry, the statuary of masterful achievement, the tinkle of falling water from the fountain of God-purity, the hush of reverence in angel minds, the sense of prescience and the peace engendered by this retreat from the worldly sense.  In this garden come apart, in this garden find your heart, in this garden is liberty, hear the anthem of the free!…

Every precious day I see/ As welcome opportunity/ To dwell in garden fair within/

Where God does triumph over sin,/ And find the way that leads me home/

And keeps me seated on the throne/ Of oneness with Thy purpose rare,/

This is my heart’s great daily prayer–Father, I thank Thee for beauty, and more than all/

For the beauty that now and always is within me.      -Paul the Venetian:  Pearl 9:2


In order to find happiness men need to understand the law of their own being in a more direct manner.  They will then realize that all external manifestations stem from the use or misuse of internal energy, the energy of the soul and of the Universal Being of God functioning through nature without and being within….

So important has the facade become to many upon earth that to please the outer manifestation they are willing to sell their own birthright–their right to expand the soul–and become castaways from the supreme purpose….

Blessed ones, here is a very subtle reality in manifestation:  men must not delude themselves with the concept that they are acting to secure their own freedom and progress; they must hold with absolute fervor to the idea that God is acting through them to confer the greatest benefits upon them–they must yield to His will and honor it.    -Fun Wey:   Pearls of Wisdom 9:3 IMG_0493

God allowed that darkness (Jesus’ crucifixion) to center through the Roman Empire and the Sanhedrin because it was necessary for the judgment.  It was necessary for them to personally attack the Christ in order to have their karma descend and their souls be judged for the hatred against the light that they had harbored in their hearts for centuries.               -Archeia Mary:  Pearl 17:50


With a greater intensity than the control used in the days of the Roman Empire by the Caesarian legions or the tightly knit restraint of the ancient Jewish Sanhedrin, the conservative cliques have marshaled their forces to almost prohibit progressive revelation to the mankind of Earth….Hence, beloved ones, progressive revelation is for the purpose of continuing the infinite release of the Word of God to men in each contemporary and succeeding generation–not in refutation of the old but as an affirmation of the ever-new testament of God.   -Archeia Mary:  Pearl 8:36

by Ruth Hawkins


Men seek to define God in finite ways, but they might as well try to define the Earth from the disadvantage of a molehill.  The consciousness of man needs purification, and the individual must contact the Sun of divine splendor to do so.  Words in themselves lack the full power of meaning until the individual by experience comes to understand the complete range of thought embodied in the Word.     -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:37

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