each of us has to maintain our side of the equation

When I took my leave there was one to whom the mantle fell, our own dear Elizabeth.  But when her ascension comes I daresay there shall be, as it were, a casting of lots for the robe.  For it shall fall to many–not divided but multiplied again and again.  And you who saw my beloved transfigured on my ascension day will see not one but many transfigured before your gaze.      -Lanello:  7-4-1979


Therefore we begin–that one may pass through the door.  And one passing through the door of the sheepfold, all then may pass through. And through this victory, beloved hearts, you can set your mark upon balancing one-hundred percent of your karma in this life.

I tell you, all things are possible with God!  And the Messenger would be the first to tell you that this is indeed an extraordinary event–one not anticipated by her.  But beloved hearts, the very need of the hour bestows opportunity.  And therefore you can see that when you recognize world need and give yourself to the path of service wondrous miracles can come into your life.  And more miracles can be wrought by you than even you dream of.  For blessed ones, this is only the beginning!  This victory of the Brotherhood across America promises to be a bonfire promised by the fiery salamanders–and there is a cleanup coming through the sylphs, through the undines and through the gnomes.   -Saint Germain:  11-16-1980 via Messenger ECP


By studying then the dealings with all conditions common to planet Earth and seeing how this Messenger has dealt with them you can do the same.  The story of this life as you know it, and as in some cases you do not, is the story of one who could overcome by knowledge, obedience and love of the Law.

This one is a part of the One that also lives in you.  This is the proof. This is the victory, beloved hearts.  This is the mighty action of the Law which you also might prove.  Take heart then and do not consider the weight as [being] so weighty as to obstruct the penetration of illumination’s ray, the piercing ray of the Mind of God within you to see what is to be balanced in this hour of your own cycles appearing.     -Serapis Bey:  4-7-1981 via Messenger ECP


It is the flaming heart of the Mother embodied in the friend, the loved one, the ministering one that provides that help when the individual himself must give all of his strength and energy, all of his drive to the making of the mark at that precise moment.  And therefore even Christ on the fourteen stations of the cross still had the balance of his mother holding the flame of watchfulness, of encouragement, of beauty and of the divine memory of the end that is known from the beginning.            -Nada:  8-28-1982 at RTR, Montana

I wanted to say to you that the example of chelas that are in the community–and that includes staff, those who live throughout this state and keepers of the flame throughout the world, you are all community–and the reason you have staying power in this organization is because you come to the levels of chelaship and you decide to put down the element of the human pride or the human ego and choose the light and the reality of your Christhood.  Otherwise you would not be here this evening.  You would not be serving with the Brotherhood.

And that divides the light from the darkness, the chela from the nonchela, and that is why the standards are high.  That is why you’ve been picked over, and you’re the best strawberries in the batch.  These same tests many have decided are not for them, and they leave and they go their way.  And that is what El Morya wants.  That’s what the masters want.  They don’t want any excess.  They prune the rosebush every spring or fall, whenever it’s supposed to be pruned.  And they say, “We only want the best because our service is for the saving of a planet.”

So you are here because you will to be here.  And I know who isn’t here and I know where each one left off the path.  It was that point of pride, that point of rebellion that they knew better.     -Messenger ECP:  4-8-1989 at RTR, Montana


One thing I want to tell you about your being a chela on the path is that we are bound together with one another wherever we are throughout the world.  So that means each of us has to maintain our side of the equation.  I have to work strong with my oar and you have to work strong with your oar.  And as we are working together we are holding the balance for each one, and it is a great way to walk the path and make our ascension together.                       -Messsenger E C Prophet:  8-17-1993

gpqc1.jpg (20463 bytes)
northeast corner of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid

gpkc1.jpg (17826 bytes)
Scaffolding to clean the walls of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid

 Dr. Hawass      http://guardians.net/spotlite/spotlgt2.htm
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