Look only to the real, then you will not be disappointed in the unreal

The damage that is done by these would-be leaders who go forth in my Son’s name but carry not his spirit is incalculable.  Yet I would speak to those who have suffered the pangs of disillusionment and I would say to one and all:  Remember, in order to have disillusionment you must first have illusion.  Look only to the real which God has implanted in every man and then you will not be disappointed in the unreal which man himself has unwittingly created or accepted in his world….

(The) dark spirits, pursuers of luciferian tendencies, mistakenly think that the knowledge of the world is the brilliance of reality which they seek, and they look upon the kingdom of God and His wisdom as though they were foolishness….

If man looks for purity of heart in himself he will also look for it in others.  And if he does not find it he will want to invoke it….

Evil deeds are self-declaring whether they are practiced by saint or sinner.  And if the saint be truly all that the name implies and he commit one or more mistakes while his life is filled with good deeds, if he is a saint, if he is truly a child of God he will be grateful to have pointed out to him the error of his ways.  But if he stand behind the shield of personal egoism defending himself as one who can do no wrong, he will not retain the purity of heart that will enable him to see clearly the path that lies ahead….For many through pride have fallen from lofty positions; but the pure in heart shall see God within themselves and within others.      Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins-Archeia Mary:  Pearl 12:44


Many are beginning to find out that in the world of form only God and the followers of God will allow them their freedom.  Whereas most people–family, friends, organizations, societies, religious groups, commercial enterprises, governments, armies and all sorts of worldly associations–continually demand of the individual his life, his fortune and his sacred honor….

We are simply reminding you of the fact that treachery and intrigue are often exposed where they are least expected.  But withal we would sound a note of great hope that you might understand that your greatest power lies in the pursuit of spiritual goals, in living a life of honesty, of integrity, of truth telling, of humility and of submitting yourself to the higher powers from the spiritual world.

Those who dwell in the mundane are often involved in silly games that have proven both amusing and deadly….Yet unless the light penetrate the dark shapes and transmute them into light man will remain bound by the limited sense of his imaginations and confusions….Freewill is but an open door.  Through this door humanity may walk and choose their dwellingplace on the other side….

Each release from our heart comes forth in these weekly Pearls of Wisdom is designed to establish a forum of righteousness in the hallowed circle of your consciousness, thus uniting all searchers for cosmic truth on the one path that emerges from the many….It is a message winged from us to the heart of one or many.

Magnifying the tide of freedom I remain,      Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:45

IMG_9137 4177c-ebb098eab080ec82acec9ca0ec83812

IMG_4880 unnamed

-egret or heron, bronze Maitreya of Korea, Roger Bacon, Saint Germain portrait behind Messenger, all-seeing Eye by Sindelar, ascension coil, Shasta

Elohim-Cyclopea-all-seeing-eye image015


…the LORD God envisioned only good and produced it and it alone.  Yet men dwell in the vale of dualities.  This makes it necessary that they be given cosmic tests….Wise then is the student who will kiss the opportunity to learn discrimination and who will rejoice when the steadfast hand of progress becomes a chastening, for the fruit of the Spirit is ever and anon the reward of man’s conscious/willing acceptance of the immutable Law of his own being….

Those who have communed with their Holy Christ Selves…will not be confused by the carnal mind if they remain steadfast in the vision of their oneness.

Our instruction is a bond of light; it shatters darkness, it confutes error, it reveals the inner light of truth, yet even our followers are sometimes deluded by reason of the very kindness of their hearts.  The spoiler lies in wait; he comes wearing robes of righteousness.  he preys upon the children of God, for they alone in their innocence of heart possess the virtue that the spoiler has not known and that he will not espouse in the secret heart of his being….

We do not need to close our doors against those who do not possess cosmic honor, against those who flash forth a wild spark of passion favoring their human egos which always betray the kingdom of God.  Nay, they have already closed the door of reality unto themselves by their thoughtless blasts of criticism, by their failure to apprehend the best fortresses, and by their unwillingness to see that the fortitude of the Brotherhood is in straight-knowledge and in purity of motive….the LORD who is the first ray spoke long ago and His holy will is a joy-bomb exploding its fiery intensity of cosmic magnetism into the soul, shattering the awful fences of darkness as though struck by a wild whirlwind, and creating the pure and whitened spot of atomic realization where the broken fragments can be gathered up.  Here the altar of the LORD will be builded, here the hunger-strivings of cosmic fulfillment will yield the fruit of pure reason!…

What price is glory?  It is the prize, the greatest prize that fills every moment with delight. Cast aside the curtains of darkness.  Let the clear radiance shine through, and behold the living witness within yourself that has always sought the doing of His will, never the undoing, always the doing.            -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:46


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