Drawing the Mighty Circle of Guru and Chela

Out of the heart of Sanat Kumara is sent forth the dove of peace.  And that mighty dove–for it is a mighty dove from God’s heart–goes forth with a kiss of peace unto all who are true to the light and the living bearers of its love.       -Archangel Uriel and Aurora:  4-2-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see https://books.google.com/books?id=7uysHjvJIXgC&pg=PA109&dq=clare+prophet+shekinah+uriel&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8eRsVbmYFZa3oQTOmYDwBQ&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20shekinah%20uriel&f=false

affirmation from the dictation “Drawing the Mighty Circle of Guru and Chela” of Uriel and Aurora of 4-2-1980 at Camelot:

From out of the Eye all-seeing of Elohim and their focus in the Royal Teton Retreat    I am sending forth mighty light rays of the Godhead for a staying action in wayward world conditions, especially the moves by the fallen ones toward a tyrannical one-world economy and government

I AM Uriel and Aurora come for the defense of youth, come for the rebuke of all offense unto the Divine Mother and Her seed

I stand forth to rebuke those fallen ones who have invaded the household of the Mother to tear down the light of the sacred lily of the threefold flame

I AM the light from God that comes forth in the earth, in the community of light and in the blessed family of light

I am come to resurrect the pure in heart, to rebuke those who have been impure in heart


Let the hearts of the children of God be brought to the altar as to the threshingfloor

Let the hearts of men and women be known

Let the great cosmic light and the all-seeing Eye of God now reveal and now bring to the fore that which has been concealed

I AM the transmutation of all misuse of the light of reality and of victory and of vision

I am casting out all schism within the body of God in the earth!

I am sending forth legions of light to bind the interlopers who have come into the temple of our God and attempted to steal the light, to pervert the doctrine, to distort the Word and to supplant the holy love of twinflames

I AM Pallas Athena

I am come with a mighty crystal sword touching each one with the will to run with the banner of Maitreya and the World Mother

I AM the crystal light and the crystal clear stream of the River of Life that is for the clearing of the channels of the sacred fire chakras, the spheres of the Central Sun

I AM the cleansing of the community of Camelot and all of our centers

I am withdrawing opportunity and mercy from those who have misused it and I am giving it to another and another

I am moving in the great consonance of the geometry of the Godhead into a higher spiral of victory

I am sending forth the ruby ray into the souls of light

I AM the binding of the seed of the wicked!

I AM the binding of the tares among the wheat!

Lo, I AM in the midst of the light of the heart of the Woman

I am sending forth the ruby ray for the judgment, for the binding of those serpents and for the clearing of the way of the all-seeing Eye of God

Blaze forth, O living Word!  Blaze forth, O living Word!  Blaze forth, O living Word!

By the mighty action of the light I am drawing the mighty circle of the Guru and the chela

I AM the circle of whitefire that includes all that is sanctified and made holy by the living Word, by the seraphim and by the cherubim

By the light of Alpha and Omega, by the light of the Great Central Sun I am casting out all that is not sanctified by the body and blood of the LORD

Lo, I AM the living Word!

Lo, I AM the Saviour in the very heart!

Lo, I AM the Saviour in the heart of the Mother!

Lo, I am multiplying the light of the violet flame from the causal bodies of the Keepers of the Flame!

In answer to their call I am sending forth the mighty violet flame out of their causal bodies into their souls to magnify, to amplify and to increase in the earth the cosmic flame of freedom from the heart of Portia and Saint Germain!

In the name of the angels of the ark of the covenant I AM the Shekinah glory descending from out the fiery center of the I AM THAT I AM

Lo, I AM the Shekinah glory descending now upon the altar of the heart

I AM a bearer of the Word and of the light

I AM a preserver of that light

I AM a guardian of the Mother-flame

I AM God in the name of mercy                                                                                           Amen

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