In reality then if we are to achieve solidarity of Christ-love upon the planet

Nevertheless you should understand that when you have done your all, when you have exhausted your efforts at preserving service, friendship and love on behalf of an individual or a group and you are continually attacked and bombarded by falsehood and destructive energies you simply do not have to accept it nor should you be willing to sacrifice the ascended masters’ standards on behalf of those who refuse to toe the mark….

You can call to me and to my sword of blue flame which is a unique manifestation of the sacred fire from God’s own heart to comfort you and to cut you free from all negation–even from those whom you may love dearly but who do not reciprocate your love….

We who serve the great light and know the power of freedom to elevate the race insist that humanity shall now understand, and understand clearly, that there is only one reason for man’s life upon earth and this is in order that he might find an unyielding/uncompromising faith in the unfolding destiny of his life under the hand of infinite grace….

The solution of the problem is that one’s loyalty must be to God and to Him alone. This loyalty should be guarded with one’s life and it must never be compromised through associations with those who by their actions have proven that they are loyal neither to Him nor to their “friends” but only to themselves….Let men be a friend to the God who lives in all and then their loyalties to God and man will be strengthened and preserved.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

-Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:47  (drawing from Prayer and Meditation, 1978)


Just as divine qualities are the source of man’s freedom, so human qualities are the source of his bondage.  The two streams flow side by side in the human consciousness. From which shall man drink?  Sometimes individuals dip into both, the result being a muddied mixture….

In reality then if we are to achieve solidarity of Christ-love upon the planet it must be a solidarity that submits itself to purpose and principle above persons, places, conditions and things, that enters into the all-knowing Mind of God and that gathers the fragments of light shattered now and dispersed upon the planetary body into one cosmic summit of universal reality, a beacon set upon a hill that cannot be hid….

Will you understand then that his star in the east within you is a symbol of immortal greatness that shall come forth upon the true vine.        -Meru:  Pearl 12:48


First the dark ones destroy the faith of men in the divine plan and then they destroy the faith of the individual in himself.  Out of this whirlwind of destruction man emerges with a feeling of utter helplessness and knowing not which way to go he impugns the purity of his brother’s heart.  Thus the mystery of the divine plan that reveals in the starry radiance of the Christ-tide is lost behind the clouds of human misery and human carelessness….the masquerader will point the accusing finger at the one who speaks the truth and dares to expose the lie.  The wolf in sheep’s clothing will then retreat behind a mask of innocence, concealing the blackness of his heart from the multitudes, his purpose being accomplished through the spread of the poison of hatred against the souls who have the courage to stand for truth and justice.

But I say, fear not, for the Lord is with thee who uphold truth in the world domain, who are courageous enough to consider the protection of the youth, of the aged and of the divine design in the dazzling whiteness of His purity to be of more worth than all other conditions.  These will see to it that the Christ image is preserved not only at the Christmas season but also throughout the year….Therefore I ask that you will hearken to my word spoken to you this season and that you will mold therefrom an intense and fiery image of the living Christ within the manger of your hearts.                  -Archangel Gabriel:  Pearl 12:49

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