Ratify and confirm the judgment within your own being

Now let all evolutions and lifewaves know:  The challenge of the hour is the consuming by the sacred fire of the cause, effect, record and memory of all that has been impressed upon the body of the Mother–that body the entire cosmos–by the fallen ones.  Now let us behold how the Fallen One has left seeds of rebellion even in the four lower bodies of the children of God….Let the sacred fire then in the increment that can be borne by each one be sealed in the third eye and the crown and the heart as a trinity of action that can be called forth and released in the plane of the mind and the mental body of a cosmos.  It is the mind of Christ that the fallen ones have determined to seize, to misuse….

Now let the beast that occupies the bottomless pit of the subconscious and the desire body be exposed also!  And let it be seen that this creation instigated by the fallen ones has also received the seal of your approval, for that which exists in consciousness is therefore the creation of freewill.  And until you will to call it back, to undo it, to remove it to the fiery core for transmutation it remains a blight on the whole of cosmos….

And the Alpha-to-Omega, the sum of identity in the fiery core of your own being, must release the spiral that renders the judgment whereby the dweller on the threshold passes through the second death and is no more and has no longer any habitation in the whole consciousness which you call your own but which I AM here to tell you is my very own–mine to give, mine to take….

You have a cosmos!  You have an energyfield assigned to you!  Let the four quadrants of your creation be purged of every residue of the Fallen One!  Let them be purged by your freewill aligned with my own, aligned with the Four and Twenty Elders who render judgment on the God-Star. And let the Earth body as well be free of the impression of rebellion and the ego that is set apart from the Divine One!

Let all be alert!  Let all know that the passing from the macrocosm of the one who instigated the rebellion of the angels is a point for the release of great light in the macrocosm.  You are globules of identity suspended in the macrocosm of my own Self-Awareness.  And the light which inundates the cosmic sea cannot penetrate the sphere of identity which you are unless you will it so.  Therefore I come to say:  Ratify and confirm the judgment within your own being and only then be satisfied in the law and in the victory.  Judgment is nigh. Understand that unless you release the judgment of your own microcosm and withdraw all support of the energy-veil, when the judgment comes and the skeins of consciousness are found to be woven inextricably with skeins of evil then the entire globule must pass through the spirals of Alpha and Omega.  And this is the ritual then of the cancelling-out of that which cannot be absorbed into the sea, for by freewill it has not willed it so.

You are set apart as a diamond suspended in crystal, suspended in ruby, suspended in agate. See how the crystallization of the God-Flame which I AM must be made your own.  You determine the fate of your own cosmos.  So be it.  So receive the warning that perhaps there is even greater danger now than when the Adversary was personified before you, for now it remains only the subjective awareness, and that subjectivity is the burden of the soul that longs to be extricated from that substance that has no part with light.

I AM Alpha!  I AM Omega!  When you know that you are Alpha, that you are Omega then and only then will you find yourself in the whitefire core of the Great Central Sun.  Children of the One:  Forge your God-Identity!                               -Alpha: 7-5-1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

  -all-seeing Eye by Sindelar

I hold this Earth in its entirety and all of its evolutions in my heart chakra in this very moment….And I AM delivering simultaneously now a message into the very hearts of the laggards of the Middle East, those lifewaves that have continued their warring factions using religion as a justification for their bloodshed:  You shall not pass! (3x)  I, Helios, declare it.!…You who are the embodiment of the Lie, you who are the embodiment of the Murderer, you who are the laggards who have corrupted this planetary body and all who are like you throughout the planetary body:  you shall not pass!   For the plug is pulled this day and you may no longer have the source or the cosmic force to move against the children of the Sun. And your day is done….

These are only the signs (of tragedy and cataclysm), beloved ones, of that which must come to pass unless there be by the increase of light and the Judgment Call and the service of the lightbearers the swallowing up of the Earth in light and truly the affirmation of the withdrawal of that light from thhe fallen ones as it is decreed.  Therefore you shall receive this decree from my heart in this hour and you shall repeat it for the ratification of the Lord’s judgment:

Lord God Almighty, I AM a son of the Sun on earth.  And therefore I do declare this day that I ratify the judgments of Almighty God upon the seed of the wicked on earth, the destroyers and the spoilers, the corrupt ones, the godless, the dead and the dying.  I ratify the judgment whereby the plug is pulled and they no longer have the source or the access to the light and that which they have misqualified is now taken from them.  And I declare it in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and by the authority of my threefold flame!

And because I stand in the earth in this hour I AM standing in the presence of the mighty aura of beloved Helios, which is activated anew each time I make this call.  And I declare that there be an immediate withdrawal of all sympathizers, idolaters and supporters of the sinister force East and West.

And I send forth Cosmic Christ illumination, the education of the heart and the piercing of the soul and the mind at inner levels that the lifewaves of Earth will come into a sudden enlightenment and an awareness (as in the twinkling of an eye) from their own God Presence.  And they shall see and know that they must withdraw their support from the seed of the wicked.  And I declare it! And I declare the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour and I give that Judgment Call (20.07) here and now–.

Thus having concluded this Judgment Call I demand that the forces of heaven and the mighty archangels shall come into manifestation and that Archangel Michael shall descend with legions of light and all of the Lord’s host to cast that devil and his angels and the seed of the devil and the clones and counterparts and counterfeit creation out of the earth, and shall bind the godless and bind them out of the pit and bind them out of death and hell and bind the entire astral hordes until death and hell are swallowed up in light and victory and are no more and are cast into the Lake of Fire (on Sirius)–cause, effect, record and memory–and the platform of Earth is therefore prepared for the descent of that greater light of the incoming great golden age which I look forward to and anticipate as the Second Coming of the Great Central Sun to the Earth.  This then shall be the coming of Alpha and Omega for the sealing of the Earth in that immaculate matrix.

And therefore I summon as a Keeper of the Flame all lightbearers of the planetary body to be as one, to be in one great union of light and to overthrow the fallen ones who would take over the planetary body and exalt the state as god and have all people as submissive servants and slaves to the Nephilim and the godless and the fallen angels.  I stand in the earth and I demand the overturning of their schemes in this hour!

I call for the all-seeing Eye of God to probe and penetrate the very nuclei and strongholds of the fallen ones, their secret meetings.  And I demand that all plots and conspiracies toward terrorism or takeover or the overthrow of the governments of the nations established by Almighty God or the overthrow of the divine plan of the abundant Life shall be exposed now, their perpetrators bound.  And these shall be placed before the judgment of Almighty God and His adjudication.  Even so come quickly Lord Jesus Christ and all the saints of heaven to ratify this judgment through me.  And therefore I demand the casting out of the dweller-on-the-threshold of the entire sinister force of the planetary body by this my call for the Binding and the Casting Out of the Dweller on the Threshold (give 20.09).

Having so given this call I now call forth the solar ring for the victory of all life, for the sealing of those places great and small, both where the light dwells for the victory of light and where evil dwells, for the acceleration of light there and for light’s judgment of those nests of evil serpents, the very core of the wicked worldwide.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother I accept it done this hour in full power.  And I stand in the earth as an emissary of Helios and Vesta until the new day when the entire planetary home shall be full of light and only light, and the Earth is prepared and purified and ready then for the evolutions of light that are to come (give 0.30).///

…No matter what you may think you know intellectually or how many books you have read, if you look with jaded eye upon your fellow servants and with that inner condemnation or sense of pride or importance in yourself you are cut off from the ascended masters’ retreats. Beloved ones, I proclaim it!  For the warning has gone forth for many many years and there are those who cease not, cease not, I tell you, with all of their understanding to direct this burden upon others….

It is the first garment you put on as brothers of Saint Francis and sisters of Clare–that the ministering servant be the humble one and be comfortable with the undergarment of humility and be able to rise increment by increment in the reception of power without even so much as a subtle change in gaze or mien.  For that power is now only used by you for the perpetual praise of God….

My legions are now positioned in those areas of the world where the sinister force is concentrating through the godless of East and West, whether of capitalist or Communist systems or right or left, to move against the people, to destroy their communities, their industries, their livelihood, their abundant life, their ability to worship the One God and their very nationhood and reason for being.  We are placing now mighty pillars of fire in those areas that have been targeted by an international conspiracy of fallen ones who are attempting to reorder life on Earth.  [These fallen ones] are at inner levels, they are beyond this planet and they are [also] in embodiment, having one consideration in mind and heart no matter what they say or what they appear [to be doing] and that is the enslavement of humanity en masse and totally….Beloved ones, it may appear for a time that they are continuing, but I tell you they wane and they are already waning from previous dispensations [that have been handed down from the Twenty-Four Elders for the curtailment].                   -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana


Do you see now why man must learn to be as a little child, to listen to the voice of God, to heed conscience, to revel with delight in the great brooding Spirit that contemplates man’s release from bondage and pain into happiness and joy?   -Archangel Jophiel:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:38

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